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Nondenom Church in Southeastern Pennsylvania Hires Student Pastor



Student Pastor




Exton, PA





"We were happy with our consultant's assessment of us and we've been thrilled with the outcome."


Jason Houck, Mission Community Church Lead Pastor



Founded in 2015, Mission Community Church is a nondenominational church of 350 in southeastern Pennsylvania. When they decided to engage Vanderbloemen to assist them with their Student Pastor hire, they had experienced a pretty hard hiring process in their short history.
"It was just miserable," recalled Jason Houck, Lead Pastor of MCC. "When we thought that we wanted the best candidate possible, we weighed the time it would take to find that person against the cost of engaging a search firm and just found the engagement of a search firm to be worth it."
As a newer church with a slim staff, Jason and his team wear many different hats. Having to be the hiring and HR team for a new position is a ton of work to take on for an already stretched staff. The greatest value that was brought to them throughout their experience with Vanderbloemen was the time they were able to focus on their ministry rather than having to comb through resumes.



"Being able to offload all of that work onto the Vanderbloemen team, and then receiving 3-4 top candidates (vs. the 40-50 potentials you could get) at the end of the process was huge," said Jason. "Being presented with a short list to sift through was a relief, especially knowing you all have a far greater reach than we do."

The search process to find Mission Community Church's Student Pastor - a brand new role for them and the church's very first full time hire - took 6 months from beginning to end. 
"Our consultant was great. We were all happy with the time she spent with us and getting to know us. Our new Student Pastor is definitely taking on the challenge and it's been fun to see him connect with students and families in our church community. We've been thrilled with the outcome."


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