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How This Church of 2,500 in Georgia Found New Student Pastor



Student Pastor




Cumming, GA



They not only understand the complexities of leading a growing church, they understand walking with Jesus and answering His call. They are a gift to the local church.

- Shawn Lovejoy LEAD PASTOR



Due to the significant growth that Mountain Lake Church had experienced over the years, a new level of leadership was required to continue to allow the church to continually move to the next level. Shawn and Mountain Lake Church have partnered with our firm multiple times in the search for their key hires, one such search was for their student pastor. Through leveraging our network and unique process we were able to bring Blake Stanley and Mountain Lake Church together. Since Blake's arrival over two years ago, the student ministry of Mountain Lake is thriving and the church as a whole continues to grow and reach those far from God.


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