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Valley View Church in Louisville Finds New Senior Pastor



Senior Pastor




Louisville, KY




From the moment you walk into Valley View Church, you feel welcomed and safe. People will love you for who you are. It doesn’t matter if your collar is, white, blue or non-existent - you become part of the family.


In the words of Dave Carty, the Executive Pastor at Valley View, “When you’re here, you’re home.”


Valley View set out to intentionally be a church that creates lasting relationships, and at the core of those relationships is the Gospel.


Since being founded in 1940, Valley View has always been a relationally focused church. But as 2015 approached, the leadership wanted to take community to new and deeper levels. Dave Carty notes that they saw the value in having community outside of Sundays and wanted people to invest more time developing outside of the auditorium.


With a recently vacated Senior Pastor role, Dave and the leadership team took this opportunity to not just find a new Pastor, but find a Pastor that would champion this new vision of strong community through a dynamic preaching style.


From the onset, Dave and the search team recognized that the biggest obstacle in this search was tradition. Change is tough, especially when the church is comfortable and in a good spot like Valley View was.


There is something inside every person that makes them almost naturally resistant to change, and churches, church staffs, and pastor search committees are no different.


Dave recognized this early on. Dave addressed this issue by communicating that the search committee and leadership team “needed guardrails to keep them on track and on mission.” There was a sense that if the search committee met any conflict in the search, they would do revert to what felt safe. What was safe in this situation was to revert to the comfort of what the church used to be.


The search team partnered with Vanderbloemen Search Group to help find their new pastor.  Dave and the rest of the leadership team felt that having objective eyes guiding the search process was their best chance at staying within those guardrails. Furthermore, Dave mentioned that “the timeline for this search was huge… we didn’t want another protracted search.”


The partnership with Vanderbloemen Search Group offered not only objective eyes, but also took the heavy lifting of the search off the shoulders of the church leadership. With a lighter load, the church leadership team was able to focus their attention on serving the church through the transition period.

There is a saying that goes, “If you have seen one church, then you have seen oBrian_stone_2.jpgne church.” Every church is unique; God displays his beauty through the diversity of his body.


This applied to Valley View and their search for their Senior Pastor. A unique church looking for a unique leader to champion a unique vision.


There was only one man God had called to this position, and through many nights of prayer and a nationwide search, utilizing the objective eyes of Vanderbloemen Search Group, God brought him to Valley View.


Brian Stone was that man.  Brian, his wife, and two children have transitioned from Katy, Texas, to Louisville, Kentucky, to join the growing family of Valley View Church. 


Valley View seeks to make disciples throughout Louisville and beyond. Now with a Senior Pastor as the torchbearer, they are poised to do big things for the Kingdom.


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