We guarantee our work.


We believe in our process so much that we guarantee it.
All of our searches carry a one-year guarantee. This means that if anything happens during that time - whether the hire leaves or must be let go - we'll do the search again for free.

We're also retained, not contingent, which means we undertake a much more exhaustive search process. The contingency search firm is paid only when someone gets hired, which means their search process is skewed to producing results rapidly since the more time they spend, the less profitable their work. Contingency recruiters typically use a database of known candidates, look for matches on paper, and send those candidates’ resumes—as many as possible—to clients for possible interviews.

However, as a retained executive search firm, we maintain an exhaustive database of candidates, constantly cultivate contacts in our industry sectors, and know who might be restless so that we can pre-select the candidates carefully using in-person interviews, advanced assessments for suitability, and job fit. You only see the finalists, saving you time, money, and energy.