21 Ways To Thank Your Leaders This Boss's Day


If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you’ve forgotten that October 16th is National Boss's Day. Don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Every year, this holiday - created in 1958 - seems to sneak up on everyone. To help you, our team complied a list of some of our favorite ways to thank and acknowledge our leaders. 

Some of these ideas are easy, last minute options and others are more personalized or require your team to all chip in. Even if you’re scrambling to get a gift together this year, hopefully some of these ideas will give you a jumpstart on next year’s Boss's Day.

Bonus: If you work on a church staff, National Boss's Day conveniently falls during Pastor Appreciation Month!

1. Write a thoughtful, handwritten card.

2. Bring them their favorite coffee drink.

3. Organize your team taking your leader out to lunch.

4. Surprise decorate their desk with funny signs and small notes of thanks.

5. If they have children, set up and pay for a babysitter so that they can enjoy a night out.

6. Use your social media channels to thank and acknowledge their leadership publicly.

7. Give them a gift card for their favorite restaurant.

8. Go in on a magazine subscription to their favorite leadership magazine: Outreach, Christianity Today, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Business Week, Relevant, etc.

9. Buy them flowers or a plant for their office.

10. Make a donation to a ministry or charity in their name: Living Water International, Compassion International, World Vision, One Child Matters, Samaritan's Purse, Avail NYC, CareNet, Sixty Feet, etc.

11. Amazon gift cards are a quick, easy option for the person who has everything!

12. Borrow their keys and have their car detailed.

13. Buy them some personalized stationary - try these ideas from our friends at May Designs.

14. Buy them custom cuff links.

15. Get the coffee-drinkers a new mug - "World's Best Boss," a team picture, or their favorite quotation.

16. Buy them the latest leadership book.

17. Get them chocolate covered strawberries or an Edible Arrangment.

18. Put together a gift basket for them! Here are some ideas of what to include:

  • Their favorite snacks
  • Their favorite office supplies
  • Candy they love
  • Movie buff? Put together a "netflix night" gift basket or movie theater giftcard.

19. Go in on a monthly club subscription.

20. Chip in for tickets to their favorite sports team or musician.

21. Last but certainly not least: The best gift you can give your leaders is to work hard and do your job well!

What other ways can you show your appreciation to your boss today?

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