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When your team isn't whole, it disrupts your mission.

We have staffed over 2,500 missions of faith.


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Christian News

Seeking Unity In Diversity with Rufus Smith & Jimmy Rollins

Pastor Jimmy and Pastor Rufus discuss the seeds of racial unrest in the church and steps we can take toward racial reconciliation. They discuss the need for leaders to step out of their comfort zones and answer the call for diversity, while ultimately looking to the Lord through the challenges that will rise.


How The PPP Rescued Christian Organizations During COVID-19

After spending months researching PPP and working with Christian organizations to help walk them through the challenging application process, we surveyed thousands of organizations who applied for and accepted PPP loans to help us better understand the implications.


How To Become An Irreplaceable Employee During COVID

"The future belongs to the agile. The same is true as employees or job seekers. The pandemic is here for a while; I believe we are well into a mini Ice Age that will linger into 2021. So the task before employees and job seekers is to think of yourself as a startup. To work daily on how you can become more agile. How you can develop new skills."


Effective Strategies to Combat Church Communication Issues During COVID-19

"In a time of continuous change, it is more important than ever for churches to prioritize communicating effectively with their church members. As we continue to alter the ways we gather, it is critical for churches to have an effective communication strategy that ensures information is readily available."