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Executive Search

Whether you're a church, school, nonprofit, family office, or values-based business with a greater purpose, Vanderbloemen can help you hire the right executives to lead your organization.

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Purpose powers people. People power organizations.

Hiring key executive staff for a mission-driven organization is as serious as an organ transplant. Bringing an outsider into your body to run a major system is a critical process that warrants help.

Using our experience of 1,000+ searches and best practices, we bring an objective set of eyes to the executive search process, finding candidates you wouldn't find anywhere else. We get to know you and the candidates on a DNA level that separates the best from the rest.

You want a candidate that matches you in every way: in vision, work ethic, and culture - someone that brings the experience and skills you need - but most importantly, someone that shares the most intangible of things...your heart.

Your organization is unique. Therefore, the way that you search should be unique. So whether you're a church, school, nonprofit, family office, or values-based business, we're ready to serve you.


We'd love to start a conversation. You'll get a real person when you call, we promise.

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Church Executives

Church leaders are responsible for the overall direction and management of a church. They must have a strong understanding of religious theology and ministry, as well as the ability to lead and motivate people. Church executive and leadership positions include Senior / Lead Pastor, Associate Pastor, Music Director, Church Administrator, Children's Ministry Director, Youth Ministry Director, Missions Director, Outreach Director, Communications Director, and Marketing Director.

Nonprofit Executives

Nonprofit leaders are responsible for the overall direction and management of a faith-based nonprofit organization. They must have a strong understanding of the mission and values of the organization and their community, as well as the ability to lead and motivate people. Nonprofit Executive roles include Executive Director or CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Development Director, Program Director, Marketing Director, Operations Manager, Grants Manager, and Community Outreach Coordinator. 

Family Office Executives

Family office leaders are responsible for the overall direction and management of a family office. They must have a thorough understanding of wealth management and preservation strategies, as well as a keen insight into the family's long-term goals and values. Some executive positions found in a Family Office include Chief Executive Officer or CEO, Chief Financial Officer or CFO, Chief Operating Officer or COO, Family Office Manager, Tax Director or Manager, Risk Manager, and Estate Planning Director. 

Values-Based Business Executives

Business leaders who are values-based must be able to balance the business's needs to make a profit with its commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. They must also be able to create a positive and productive work environment where employees feel valued and respected. Faith-based business executive roles span the entire spectrum of business leadership including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer. Leadership positions can also include Spiritual Director, Ethics Officer, Community Outreach Director, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Ministry Liaison, and other positions unique to a faith-based business. 

Faith-Based School Executives

Executive leaders at faith-based schools are responsible for the overall direction and management of the school. They must have a strong understanding of the school's mission and values, as well as the ability to lead and motivate people. Executive leaders at faith-based schools play a vital role in the success of the school. They are responsible for ensuring that the school is providing a high-quality education that is aligned with its mission and values. Faith-based or Christian schools have unique leadership structures and include positions such as Head of School or Principal, Chief Academic Officer, Director of Spiritual Life, Director of Admissions, Director of Student Services, Director of Athletics, and other leadership positions. 

Vanderbloemen has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing organizations with a greater purpose. We have a proven track record of finding top talent for these organizations and are committed to helping them achieve their goals. 

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The Vanderbloemen Executive Search Process

The Launch Meeting

We come meet you face-to-face for a site visit. We want to learn everything we can about your theology, your team, your culture, your community, the challenges you're facing, and the open position.


We collaborate with you and your search team throughout the entire search process, working alongside you as together we discern who God is calling to your team.


We craft a profile based on our site visit which includes an overview of your organization, your DNA, community, and the job description. We'll work with you to get it right and ensure it accurately represents your organization's mission and culture.

The Search Begins

While we start searching from the moment you engage with us, when we go public, things get serious. Through our diligent research team, we turn over every rock in the Kingdom from our ever-growing network to people we haven't met yet to find the best candidates.


Our interview process includes many layers of discernment as we get to know candidates personally and assess their fit for your church in theology, gifts, and chemistry. Our focus is to discern a DNA match between you and the right person for your team.


After we have thoroughly completed the screening process, we bring you a curated list of final candidates. We sit down with your team face-to-face to walk through each candidate's story, competency, and chemistry.


As your trusted advisor, we help you navigate next steps as you prayerfully begin interviewing and building relationships with your candidates. Our team conducts thorough background checks, assists with compensation package negotiation, and onboarding as you make your new hire.


We believe the Kingdom work we're doing is so important that we guarantee it. Our searches carry a one-year guarantee, and our Senior Pastor searches carry a two-year guarantee.

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