3 Advantages Of Moving From The Corporate World To A Church Staff


I worked at a large international law firm in my previous career, and I cannot imagine two environments so opposite one another as a law firm and a church staff. While there were many things I enjoyed about being a lawyer, if I am being honest with myself, there were probably even more things I did not enjoy.

Since joining the team at Vanderbloemen Search Group, I have been pleasantly surprised with how different working in the ministry realm is.

In my role on our Candidate Relations Team, I talk with many people who are currently working in the corporate world but feel called to vocational ministry.

If you are considering a move from the corporate world to a church staff position, here are three things you will be glad to know:

1. You can pray with your coworkers.

Before, during, and after decisions are made (whether they were difficult ones to make or not) you can pray with those you work with. At Vanderbloemen Search Group, we open and close many meetings with prayer. Whether we are praying for a particular search, a candidate, a difficult decision that needs to be made, or one another, you will find us in prayer together often. It is so refreshing compared to the secular business world where you would likely be shunned if you were to open a meeting with, “Let’s all bow our heads and pray.”

2. You are involved in daily work that is impacting the Kingdom.

All the work we do should be done unto God, whether it is in ministry or not, but the actual products that are produced and sold in the secular world are temporary in nature. Nothing you can create, produce, manufacture, or sell will last forever. In the church world, however, you are involved in work that is focused on the eternal.

As a church leader, what you do on a daily basis will directly impact the Kingdom of God.Tweet: As a church leader, what you do on a daily basis will directly impact the Kingdom of God. http://ctt.ec/68flw+ via @VanderbloemenSG

There is no greater privilege in the world than to work in ministry. The stakes are higher but so also is the satisfaction. To be reminded of this on a daily basis while at work can be very uplifting.

3. Staff reviews aren't merely about performance.

The goal of a church staff performance review is so much greater than just an employee’s performance. It involves a review of one's character as well and how well one is living out the values and mission of the church. The main purpose of a church staff review is to help an employee improve his/her performance while helping him/her to look and act more like Jesus. To be able to do participate in that process as part of your job (as either the evaluator or the person being evaluated) is an honor.

Considering a change from the corporate world to the church one can be a very weighty decision. While there are many similarities between the two worlds (as I wrote about in my last blog post), the differences outlined here can make working in the church world so much more rewarding and fulfilling than your corporate job ever was.

How will you decide if a move to the church world is right for you?