5 Things Children’s Pastors Need To Hear From Church Leadership


Children’s Pastors are charged with one of the most difficult duties in the church: helping to raise up the next generation of Kingdom-builders. It is no small task to instill the truth of the gospel in children at a young age and to do it in a fun and engaging way that catches children’s attention while simultaneously building a team of volunteers and staff – and all on a very low budget!

If you’re in church leadership, here are 5 things to communicate to your Children’s Pastor.

1. You’re doing a good job.

Those five words can move mountains in a Children’s Pastor’s world. Whether or not a person desires affirmation, everyone wants and needs to be told that they are doing a good job.  When I worked in Children’s Ministry, one of the most encouraging things that I could hear from my pastor or those in leadership was that I was doing a good job. Not because it was about me but because sometimes when you’re in the thick of the ministry you can’t always see the bird’s eye view. It’s nice to be reminded and affirmed that your work is noticed and appreciated. 

2. You’re making an impact.

Like I said above, to hear “you’re doing a good job” is incredibly encouraging, but to hear that coupled with, “What you’re doing is making an impact,” is extremely powerful for those in Children’s Ministry. That right there is exactly why a Children’s Pastor does their job.

Everything that a Children’s Pastor does is aimed at making eternal impact on a child’s life, and it’s always encouraging to be assured that others see the impact and the importance. Not only is this affirming, it also adds fuel to the children’s pastor’s passion and encouraging evidence that there is support from senior leadership.

3. How can I help you?

This is a phrase that is like manna from heaven for Children’s Pastors. No one likes to be the person that is constantly knocking on the door of their pastor saying, “I need this or that.” Children’s Pastors should never be afraid to ask their leadership for things they need for their ministry, but to have the senior leadership come to them and ask what they need is both encouraging and exciting. Whether it is helping to recruit more volunteers, increase the ministry budget, or just allowing more freedom to be creative in reaching kids, it is always encouraging to hear that the senior leadership of your church wants to do what they can to help.

4. What is your vision for the Children’s Ministry?

By including this question, I’m not saying that a Children’s Pastor has free range to go outside of the vision of the senior leadership for the church. Instead, if the leadership asks this question to their Children’s Pastor, it gives them the freedom and ability to dream big with how they want to accomplish the vision of the church within the context of the Children’s Ministry.  This also lets your Children’s Pastor know that you are empowering them and that you trust them.

5. You deserve a raise, and I’m going to do what I can to help make that happen.

Who doesn’t want to hear this? Most churches say that Children’s Ministry is a top priority of their church, but the reality is reflected in the amount of money and resources poured into it. The sad truth is most Children’s Pastors are underpaid and overworked. So one of the most empowering things that senior leadership could tell a Children’s Pastor is that they are getting a raise. It not only shows that the Children’s Pastor is valued, but that the work they do for the church and the Kingdom of God is highly valued and greatly needed.

While it comes with its own set of challenges, being a Children’s Pastor is also one of the most rewarding jobs, which is why many Children’s Pastors willingly work long hours and live on a small salary. They get a front row seat to seeing kids’ lives changed by the truth of the gospel and experience the joy that comes from being a part of that.

What other ways can senior church leadership empower their Children’s Pastors?

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