5 Things To Remember During Your Pastoral Search


Finding a new pastor is a monumental task that takes serious consideration, prayer, and guidance. Here are five things to remember as you begin searching for a new pastor that is the right leader for your church. 

1. Involve the Right Decision Makers

An essential step in searching for your new Pastor includes the formation and meeting of the decision makers for the search. Depending on the leadership structure of the church, this may include a search committee, board of elders, or staff executive team. It is important to the health of the church body that only the necessary decision makers are involved.

2. Inform the Congregation of Progress

The process of selecting a new Pastor that will correctly meet the needs of the church takes time. In the interval, the congregation should be informed about the goals and plans laid out by the selecting committee. This helps the church body feel informed and involved in the process of selecting their new pastor.

3. Have Clearly Defined Expectations

The committee should have clearly defined expectations of the qualifications a candidate must possess, along with a workable timeline that can be implemented for the selection process. Clear expectations help keep the process organized and efficient as candidates are screened and interviewed.

4. Resist the Urge for Haste

Searching for a new Pastor involves the need for disciplined patience. Finding the right leader for your church demands diligence and care. Making a hasty hiring decision is hiring simply to fill a position in the short-term, disregarding the long-term health and growth of the church body. 

5. Seek Outside Help

The time for searching for a new pastor can arise for many reasons. Perhaps the former pastor retired or was called to a different church. Sometimes the search process arises because of hurt within the church body or a split over a disagreement. A church is a body, and church leaders are the working organs within that body. A successful tissue match between the organization and the new leader is vital to the long-term health of the church body. Seek help of church staffing experts who can help you find the right leader for your church.

These are just five things to remember as you navigate the pastoral search process. One of our favorite parts about the process here at Vanderbloemen is the celebration that happens when we find that tissue match between the church and the leader.

What tips have you found helpful as your church searches for a new pastor?