5 Ways To Encourage Your Church Staff


Church ministry is a very rewarding life, but working with people is emotionally draining and sometimes difficult.  Of course you can always encourage your church staff through acknowledging their years of service at anniversaries, sending notes of encouragement, and praising them in front of the congregation.  However, one of the most important church staffing tips is that no verbal or monetary encouragement is as important as making your church staff feel they have all the tools they need to be effective in their ministry. Here are 5 ways to encourage your church staff by enabling them to do what God has called them to accomplish:

Tip #1: Acknowledge Church Staff Gifts and Enable Them to Use Them
Every church staff member has different gifts. When a staff is functioning together as a body, not only will your church function more effectively, but each person on your church staff will feel more encouraged in their own work.  Set aside time to talk individually with each person on the staff about their spiritual gifts and what resources they need to use those gifts.  You may want to spend time going through a spiritual gifts survey as part of that process. 

Tip #2:  Give them Your Undivided Attention
People are encouraged when they are listened to carefully.  One of the most important church staffing tips is to set aside regular time for each staff member to have your undivided attention to talk about whatever is important to them.  While you may be tempted to try to solve all the problems they present in such a session, remember that just listening to them carefully is the most important thing. Often church staff are able to solve their own problems but need your empathy, compassion and support as they do so.

Tip #3:  Provide them with Training
If you want your congregation to grow, you need your church staff to be growing and learning first.  One of the most vital church staffing tips is to allow each person to attend a training conference or retreat each year.  Such training is especially encouraging if the staff members are able to make their own choices.  Some may want to take an online class, while others may need a chance to get away and relax.

Tip #4: Give them the Materials and Support to Do their Job Well
Has someone on your church staff asked you for help?  Or do they want supplies or volunteers for a ministry? One of the church staffing tips you can't afford to ignore is being sure to provide your staff with what they ask for whenever possible.  Getting the help they need makes your church staff feel valued.    If you can't afford to give them everything they need in materials or volunteer labor, or feel what they are asking for is not necessary, set aside time to talk with them about their needs.  Your attention to their request will make them feel trusted and encouraged.

Tip #5: Allow them to Dream
Finally, your church staff will feel encouraged if you let them have a chance to take ownership of their area of ministry.  Encourage them to dream about what they could see happening.  Have them write down their goals and the steps they need to accomplish them.  Have regular evaluation meetings and encouragement sessions where members of your team help one another by giving suggestions or practical help.

Following these 5 church staffing tips will not only encourage your staff, it will build a ministry community.  Furthermore, seeing your staff able to fulfill God's call will encourage you as well!