7 Ideas To Make Your Easter Service Memorable


I have such fond memories of attending Easter services when I was little. Even as a child, I had an awareness of it being a very special and set-apart Sunday. As I grew older and traveled further on my faith walk, the day remained just as exciting and significant – the day we celebrate that death has been defeated and that we have a Savior who lives.

Church staffs are spending the weeks leading up to Easter planning their services, making sure that that significance and celebration is evident in all their Easter weekend experiences. From faithful church members to first-time visitors, you want the Easter service to be memorable and meaningful for them, pointing them to the victory of our Risen King.

Churches, here are 7 ideas to ensure your Easter service is memorable.

1. Add an Easter sunrise service.

If this element isn’t a part of your Easter experience, consider adding it. Hosting an Easter service as the sun rises is a beautiful and poignant way to remember what it must’ve been like for those who saw the empty tomb first. Ask your staff for some location ideas and find a spot that can accommodate the early-birds in your congregation. Often, a sunrise service is a “stripped down” version of the service, so there’s no need to worry on many technical elements.

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2. Have coffee and special treats available.

This is always a pleasant surprise – especially for first-time visitors. If your church usually provides coffee or refreshments, consider providing something different than the norm.

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3. Offer free family portraits.

Families are always dressed up on Easter and trying to get a picture together. Why not offer them free family portraits they can do before or after the service? Hire a photographer or provide a photo booth. Your church members will love the opportunity for a free family portrait while everyone’s in their Sunday best.

4. Add variety to your worship.

Easter is a great time to mix up your worship service with some variety. Play a new celebratory worship song or mix up the order of worship. If any of the following elements aren’t already a part of your services, consider adding one or more of them to make Easter Sunday even more memorable: a responsive reading, a choral offering, a moment of reflection, a live mixed media/art element, a time to greet one another, story-time with all the children, the doxology, a benediction, or a time of fellowship after the service.

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5. Include video elements.

I’ve heard of churches who interview some of their staff members on what Easter means to them and when they first understood the significance of Easter, and then they showed that video during their service. I also have known of churches that will play a portion of The Passion of the Christ movie. Images are powerful, and including a video element in your service can make it that much more impactful.

6. Host an Easter Egg Hunt.

Many churches host an Easter Egg Hunt that is both a great time for the church family and an outreach event to the surrounding community. For many children, an Easter Egg hunt is an annual tradition. Make sure you read our article below to prepare well for your Easter Egg Hunt.  Churches who really want to go all-out may consider including an Easter petting zoo with bunnies and chicks.

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7. Send everyone home with an Easter lily.

Lilies have long been associated with Easter, symbolizing hope and life. Sending everyone home with an Easter lily (or even a lily bulb for a family to plant and watch grow) ensures that your attendees will carry home the impact and significance of Easter home with them after they leave your service. 

What ideas do you have for making your Easter service point to the joy and hope found in Christ’s resurrection?

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