9 (Inexpensive) Ways To Have Fun With Your Church Staff This Summer


When the stretch of warm days seems to go on forever, your church staff may benefit from a little morale boost to beat the heat. A staff that has fun together is a staff that loves their jobs, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a staff culture of fun. Here are 9 inexpensive ways to have some fun with your church staff this summer:

1.  Ice Cream

This should be obvious, of course. Everyone loves ice cream. Whether it be stocking your office freezer with Klondike Bars and Skinny Cows or hosting a full-fledged ice cream party with 8 different kinds of ice cream, 3 types of syrups, and 11 varieties of toppings, your staff will love the classic summer treat.

2.  Flip Flops

Classic Old Navy flip flops are fun, inexpensive, and loved by all. Buy a pair of flip flops for each of your staff in fun colors with a note of thanks. If you don’t know the foot size of each of your staff members, don't worry! You can estimate (average woman’s foot size is 8.5; 10.5 for men), and people can trade until they get their favorite color and fit!

3.  Movie Under The Stars

Project Frozen, Toy Story (1, 2, or 3), The Sandlot, or any other favorite family movie onto the side of the church building, pop some popcorn, and host a low-key evening activity for staff to bring their friends and family. Kids can come in pajamas and fall asleep, and parents can enjoy the nostalgia of drive in movies.

4.  Afternoon Sweet Tea Or Lemonade Break

Is there anything more refreshing than a tall glass of lemonade or sweet tea on a hot day? You can buy gallons of sweet tea at Chick-fil-a or your local grocery store and surprise your staff with ice-cold beverages for all.

5.  Funday Friday Schedule

In the corporate world, it isn’t uncommon for offices to have “Funday Friday Schedule” and let staff cut out at noon on Friday afternoon.

6.  Take Me (And My Family) Out To The Ball Game

Even if your staff members aren’t necessarily sports fans, most enjoy spending time outside with people they like. Don’t feel like you have to travel a long distance to your closest big city to go to a Major League ball game; Minor League baseball games are often significantly less expensive and just as fun with activities for kids and families!

7.  Serve Watermelon

There is something about a slice of red, juicy, sweet watermelon that makes even the hardest day fun. Cut up several watermelons, and serve them at a staff meetingor for a mid-morning snack. Bonus: have a watermelon seed-spitting contest.

8.  Infused Water And Outdoor Staff Meeting

Escaping to the outdoors is such a treat on beautiful days. Consider setting up tables and chairs outside for your next staff meeting. Depending on the length of your meeting, you may want to make sure the area is shaded or provide sunscreen to your employees (a sunburn would definitely make the meeting less fun). You can serve easy-to-make infused water, your staff will love the special treat of being outdoors and sipping on a fancy treat.

9.  Water Gun Fight

I’m not talking about the Super Soaker variety, but who doesn’t have fantastic childhood memories of chasing brothers, sisters, and friends around with cheap plastic water guns? Boundaries may have to be verbalized, but the appearance of water guns will make any day a surprising, fun, and refreshing one.

We hope you enjoy these 9 ideas of ways to break up the long, hot days this summer. What are some other ideas of ways your church staff can get together to enjoy the summer and each other?