PODCAST | My Advice To A Younger Pastor - The 15 Ways 90% Of Leaders Fail According To Gordon MacDonald

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If you’re wondering, “what do I need to know now that someone else has already experienced and can prepare me for,” this conversation is for you. When Gordon MacDonald turned 80 years old, he made a point to write down the top factors that he’s found determine success or failure as a leader. In this episode, Gordon MacDonald, pastor and best-selling author, sat with our Founder & CEO, William Vanderbloemen to share these 15 life lessons and conduct a Q&A with Tyler Sollie, Senior Pastor at Life Center in Tacoma, Washington on succeeding as a younger pastor.

Tyler asked personal questions that led into conversations about the current opportunity we have to navigate connection through a pandemic, how to balance teaching and loving as a pastor, how to choose a mentor, the importance of understanding that every role we lead in is temporary, and so much more. We hope you enjoy this conversation and learn as much as we did from Gordon’s incredible insight.

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