PODCAST | Agility: The Catalyst That Saved The Small Church During COVID-19

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In this episode, our CEO & Founder, William Vanderbloemen talks with a panel of pastors including Lillian Daniel, Jim Gribnitz, John Hagmann on managing the switch to virtual services as a smaller, more traditional church.

These leaders all experienced the sudden shift from conducting church in-person with little to no online component, to operating fully online when COVID-19 hit. Through their trials, they now feel that their commitment to agility and willingness to focus on what could be done rather than what was taken away has led them to an even stronger place of service than before. They discuss the struggles, fears, victories, and hopes that this global pandemic has brought to their unique communities. Walk away with encouragement, hope, and a sense of feeling known as these pastors vulnerably share their experiences.

This conversation is a part of our State Of The Church podcast series where our CEO  &  Founder, William Vanderbloemen spoke with Pastors and Ministry leaders from around the country about how COVID-19 has impacted their Kingdom efforts and what they project the lasting impacts will be. Listen to the other encouraging conversations here.

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First Congregational Church, Senior Pastor Lillian Daniel

Coronavirus Church Tours, by Lillian  Daniel

Books by Lillian Daniel 

Rockland Community Church, Lead Pastor Jim Gribnitz

First Presbyterian Church Morganton, Pastor and Head of Staff, John Hagmann



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