The Best Church Jobs For Every Personality Type [Infographic]


It's every job seeker's question: What kind of position will fit my natural strengths and personality best?

Every single one of us has wondered that somewhere along our journey, even those in ministry. While ministry is most certainly a calling from God, it's also quite likely God is going to call you to church jobs that fit well with the strengths and personality He was uniquely gifted you with.

Perhaps you now find yourself in a job where you feel extra drained, but aren't sure why. Or maybe you're in that sweet spot where your current position energizes you and allows you to leverage your natural giftings.

Check out the infographic our team created based on the types of roles we most often see each Myers-Briggs personality type (MBTI) thrive in.

Want to download the PDF? Click here.

VSG-MBTI_final_reg (1).jpg 

NOTE: This infographic is not to say only certain types of personalities can perform certain roles. Again, ministry is a unique calling from God, and we have seen each and every personality type in each and every type of role. This is merely a fun guide to see where your natural strengths might fit well on a church staff, based on the trends we've seen in our years of working with church staffs.

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