12 Must-Read Books For Every Children’s Pastor

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Whether you are just starting out in Kids Ministry or are a seasoned Children’s Pastor, whether you are in a church of 200 or 20,000, the constantly changing climate of today’s culture affects how leaders can and should reach each generation. Ideas that may be suitable one day, but may not be as useful the next. However, principles and perspectives are timeless and remain the same.

In our work helping churches find the most suitable Children’s Ministry leaders, we find that the Children’s Pastors who are most effective are the ones who pursue constant personal development. The best leaders we know love reading, and always seek to better themselves for the sake of their team and their ministry.

Here are twelve outstanding resources that come recommended by our Vanderbloemen Search consultants to every current and prospective Children’s Pastor.

1. Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift By James Dobson

The founder and president of Family Talk, Dr. Dobson emphasizes why a person should produce a legacy of acquired values and knowledge to the next generation.

2. Kidmin Leadership By Jim Wideman

This book serves as a compilation of insight from ministers who set apart time into dedicated mentorship with author and Kid’s Ministry guru, Jim Wideman. 

3. The Volunteer Revolution: Unleashing The Power Of Everybody By Bill Hybels

Hybels seeks to promote every individual to their own serving capacities by teaching leaders how to tap into their underlying potential.

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4. Simply Strategic Volunteers: Empowering People For Ministry By Tony Morgan & Tim Stevens

Co-written by our very own Director of Executive Search Consultants, Tim Stevens, this resource will help you recruit, train, motivate, and maintain volunteers in 99 easy-to-digest solutions for your ministry. 

5. Creating Ever-Cool: A Marketer’s Guide To A Kid’s Heart By Gene Del Vecchio

Are you in the business of developing products and programs for kids? Of course! Then this book belongs in your office.

6. Next Generation Leader: 5 Essentials For Those Who Will Shape The Future By Andy Stanley

Focusing on younger leaders and anyone being mentored for leadership, Stanley addresses the essential leadership qualities to personally develop.

7. Children’s Ministry In The 21st Century: The Encyclopedia Of Practical Ideas 

This book acknowledges the climate in which children grow up today and what trends are forming for the next 10 years.

8. ZOOM (Picture Puffins) By Istavan Banyai

In this wordless book, the reader will find that nothing is as it seems, teaching its audience to open their minds.

9. The 5 Love Languages Of Children By Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

This seeks to help adults understand children more personally by learning how to speak their love language.

10. Be Our Guest From The Disney Institute 

In Be Our Guest, readers discover the principles and processes Disney abides by to produce excellence in customer service. 

11. Think Orange: Imagine The Impact When Church And Family Collide By Reggie Joiner

Founder of the Orange Conference, Reggie Joiner imagines the dynamic for Children’s Ministry if and when parents and churches combine their efforts to reach their kids and the ones around them. 

12. Creating Magic: 10 Common Leadership Strategies From A Life At Disney By Lee Cockerell

Another recommendation from the Disney Institute, Creating Magic uncovers the secret to the mystery of successfully leading the world-renown Walt Disney World Resorts.

What resources have helped you in your Children's Ministry?

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