PODCAST | Breaking Boundaries to Pursue God's Calling with Teresa Hairston

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This week, our Director of Operations and Special Initiatives, Chantel McHenry, spoke with Teresa Hairston, founder of Gospel Today magazine and current publisher and author. 

23 years ago, Teresa had the vision to start a publication for the Gospel music community, creating her own newsletter, and now, Gospel Today magazine has expanded to general Christian lifestyle and is the longest running, most widely distributed periodical in the urban-Christian space. Teresa is also the founder of the Gospel Heritage Foundation, which teaches on worship as a lifestyle. She now works in publishing for Books2LiveBy and has written multiple books herself.

In today’s conversation, Teresa explains how she entered into the publishing industry as a Black woman and the journey she followed to find her voice. She discusses the difficulties of emerging in a largely secular industry as well as within the Black church, and the times when she had to fight to keep fulfilling her calling in the face of opposition. She also shares the importance of understanding seasons as a leader and passing on your leadership as you move forward into new things, as well as how she came about writing her book Unstoppable

This conversation is critical for anyone struggling to see their callings come to fruition and seeking encouragement, as well as for anyone interested in branching into the publishing and storytelling sphere. 




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