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Bob Pritchett is the co-founder and President and CEO of Faithlife, which publishes and creates electronic tools and resources for Bible study and church management software, as well as Logos Bible Software.

Bob Pritchett started creating Logos Bible Software at the age of 19, as a continuation of a project he did in his Bible class at school to help with homework. Recently, they’ve begun moving into development of software to provide any software a church could need to run, as well as providing countless resources to churches that have shifted to largely virtual platforms following the onset of COVID-19.

On today’s podcast conversation, our founder and CEO William Vanderbloemen spoke with Bob about the resources that Faithlife produces that have been particularly helpful during the pandemic. Previously, many churches didn’t use church websites, online giving, or live streams, and in the past year have needed resources to adapt. As COVID-19 accelerated changes, Faithlife was able to step in and help with livestream and virtual solutions for many churches. Bob also shared his tips for how pastors can use technology to nurture and engage their church communities.

This is a great conversation for those who have adapted their church management since the start of COVID, as well as for those interested in the understanding of church software. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Bob Pritchett.

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