Culture: Why It Matters And How To Improve It


A healthy culture is vital to the success of any organization. A strong team culture fosters growth, helps teams stay aligned with the mission of the company, and allows for innovation to flourish.

So, what exactly is culture, and why does it matter?

A company’s culture can be defined as a collective set of values and attitudes that make up the organization. The practices and goals that a company shares characterize the type of culture that permeates the workspace. The culture of an organization can simply be described as the tangible personality they have cultivated.

A healthy company culture is one in which people enjoy coming to work, value their positions, feel supported by leadership, and respect their team. Promoting a healthy culture in your organization means that you are intentionally building staff morale, nurturing professional growth, being consistent with communicating the company’s values, and encouraging staff members toward a unified vision.

Your team culture should be evaluated every year. This can be accomplished by giving transparent feedback or implementing reviews. Evaluating your team’s culture is imperative, because culture plays a big role in retaining key staff members. We believe that building your best team not only means finding the right people but also retaining them. Retaining valuable staff members is important because when employees are invested in the success of the organization, their levels of productivity and engagement are higher. 

When employees are not satisfied with their work environment, the result will be a toxic culture and higher turnover rates. Turnover is costly, and it can set back your organization’s mission. When you are investing more time in hiring new people than supporting your current team, you are essentially derailing your mission.

You can improve your staff culture by ensuring that there is an easily accessible way for team members to share their thoughts and concerns. Identify where you are getting feedback, and facilitate communication among team members and leadership. Get to know your team, and create a safe space for them to voice their struggles and triumphs.

Every organization’s culture is different, and while there is no perfect culture, knowing the health of your culture allows you to correct problems before they become detrimental. Building your team’s culture is essential to your company's success. This is why we built the Culture Tool because your team will thrive when you build a great culture that people want to be a part of. 

The Culture Tool is a staff engagement study that scores your culture against the industry average in 9 key culture indicators. With this customized analysis, you will be able to understand your staff culture health score, determine your strongest and weakest culture indicators, and identify patterns in your organization.

We would love to help you establish a successful company culture and find the most qualified candidates who will seamlessly fit your culture. Talk to our team today!