4 Uncommon Habits Of Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Marcus Warner [Podcast]


The Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast brings you interviews from leaders across the theological spectrum of the global Church. Our goal is to bring you thought-provoking interviews that encourage you, challenge you, and help you build, run, and keep great teams.

In today's episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, William talks with Dr. Marcus Warner, co-author of Rare Leadership and President of Deeper Walk International.



Dr. Marcus Warner is the president of Deeper Walk International, formerly known as International Center for Biblical Counseling. Deeper Walk International is devoted to changing the way the church makes disciples by providing resources that equip people in the core areas of living in grace, walking in the Spirit, fighting spiritual warfare, and experiencing emotional healing.

A former Bible and Theology instructor at Bethel College (Mishawaka, IN) and a former Pastor (River Oaks Community Church in Carmel, IN), Dr. Warner has been actively involved in making disciples and helping people find freedom and healing from past trauma and spiritual bondage for over 25 years.

Dr. Warner talks with William about:

  • The 4 primary characteristics of mature leadership
  • The danger of leading out of shame, anger, or fear
  • How good leaders can spot emotionally unhealthy behaviors in their team
  • How leaders can endure hardship well
  • What it means to operate out of true joy



Dr. Marcus Warner

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Quotes from Dr. Warner:

Where do people get stuck growing up as emotionally intelligent people? Tweet: Get above the operational minutia. @rthartwig https://bit.ly/2bBbOGN via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

An "envelope conversation" begins with relational connection before addressing the problem. Tweet: There are not silver bullets in church leadership. @rthartwig https://bit.ly/2bBbOGN via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

Your brain is designed by God to run on joy. Tweet: Church leadership is not accomplished by one person, but a group. @rthartwig https://bit.ly/2bBbOGN via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

Leadership is creating engagement in what matters. Tweet: Organizations should create space for people to contribute. @rthartwig https://bit.ly/2bBbOGN via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

Your true self is who you are when you're functioning out of joy. Tweet: The number one characteristic of strong teams is trust.  @rthartwig https://bit.ly/2bBbOGN via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast