PODCAST | Finding God’s Purpose In A Pandemic

Eric Geiger Started Job 2020

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This episode is part 4 of our podcast series, What I've Learned While Starting a New Job in the Middle of a Pandemic. We wanted to close out this series with someone who has been in their role a short time before the pandemic hit to understand how pastors just getting into their comfort zones managed this season. So, we spoke with Eric Geiger, Senior Pastor of Mariners Church, on his unique perspective pivoting his ministry strategy when COVID-19 hit 18 months into his new role.

His experience relates to so many ministry leaders who found themselves seeking creative ways to reach their congregations and communities when church buildings shut down, social distancing kept us apart, and there was an immediate shift to online operations. We all pushed boundaries this year adapting to new things, so we hope this conversation explores relatable situations and poses insightful questions to consider in the new year as we put what we have learned from 2020 into practice. Listen to the other encouraging conversations in this series.

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