Helping Organizations Who Aren’t Ready To Hire (Yet)


If you’re in a position where you’re having difficulty finding a job offering your skills on a contract basis or as a consultant, take a moment to think through how organizations that aren’t ready to hire a full time employee could benefit by filling a need of which they’re not even aware. You’ll also benefit as well – not only financially, but in expanding your network and possibly even creating a full time job for yourself, but only once they see that you’re indispensable.

Look at organizations that may have needs for what you offer. Could you serve them as a part-time pastor, counselor, or worship leader? If you’re in the technical or communications fields, can you offer your services to them on a part time basis? Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to refine your approach before trying to sell your services.

Instead of stating what you’ll do for them, develop a means of communicating the value you will add to their organization should they choose to work with you. What responsibilities can you take from another employee that will free them to accomplish more in their role? What unique skills can you bring that they won’t find anywhere else? Elaborate on these and provide room for the organization to customize. Over time, evaluate your relationship with them and see if it continues as a worthy fit for your time and their investment. You could even work your way into a full time position.

Be clear and concise with what you offer, and realize if a church or organization chooses to take you in as a freelancer, you are serving them. Allow this season of flexibility in your schedule to be a time to hone your skills while serving someone well.