PODCAST | How God Built This With Bryan & Shannon Miles, Founders Of Belay

How God Built This - Founders of Belay

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Today we bring you our once a month series called How God Built This, where we talk with Christian leaders to find out the ways God moved in their life to build their ministry. In this episode, our Founder and CEO, William Vanderbloemen, talks with Bryan and Shannon Miles the founders of Belay.

Belay offers virtual assistants, bookkeepers, web specialists, social media strategists and more to help support organizations. Since its founding in 2010, belay has grown to over 1,000 employees.

William, Shannon, and Bryan talk about what it means to be a steward of an organization and how business owners can move from running a business to truly owning it. They cover every aspect of successful business management, from finances, to vision, and most importantly, your staff. Today, as remote work becomes more prevalent, their insights are more valuable than ever for business leaders.

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