How To Confront Your Boss Effectively, Part II


Confrontation isn't easy. If it were, the majority of simple misunderstandings would be eliminated. As I discussed in Part I, there will come a time when you will feel a need to confront your boss. Paul calls us to honor authority in Romans 13, which provides a framework for approaching authority in the workplace.

In Part I, I shared four of eight pointers on showing honor when it's time to confront your boss. Here are the final four:

• Take a NAP. One of my favorite pastors used to say that he looks for staff members who can N.A.P. - that is, show a “Non-Anxious-Presence.” In the middle of conflict, having a cool demeanor may be the difference between appearing mature or looking like a hothead. Two of the best ways I know to take a NAP is to allow your listening to outweigh your speaking and to make sure your questions outnumber your statements.

• Write down what you want to say ahead of time. Emotional conversations are the trailhead for tangent discussions. Take a bullet point list with you into the meeting when it's time to confront your boss.

• Speak the truth….in love. Border the conversation with positive, affirming reasons why you love working where you do, and why you admire your leader. Hard conversations are always best received when they are wrapped in a blanket of grace.

• Pray. Pray before your meeting. Ask to pray after the meeting. It really does work.

These are just a few suggestions I've found helpful in my years of experience. What are some ways you’ve been able to confront your boss well?