Is Your Body Language Holding You Back?


Recently, I ran across a post on body language during interviews. Since we are always studying interviewing, psychology, and the like, I read it right away.

Nicole Williams offered some interesting insights on ways your body language might hurt you during an interview. Here are the five items she listed, with my brief commentary.

1.     Gesturing wildly – this is true for preachers preaching as well. Preachers, I dare you watch your sermons….in fast forward. That one tip changed my whole delivery style

2.     Touching Your Face – It’s a total myth, but some folks hiring believe that if you touch your face frequently, you’re lying.

3.     Sitting Up A Little Too Straight – your mom will be proud, but will your hoped-for boss want to spend their workday with someone too formal?

4.     Folding Your Hands – Another lovely pose mom taught me, but one that comes off as fake. Does anyone choose to sit this way?

5.     Leaning Back In Your Chair – the message sent – “I don’t care about your furniture." Not a good one.

I don’t make a practice of looking at job boards. Frankly, most of the time they don’t work for the types of searches we do. But I happen to know these guys. In fact, I’ve known them a good long while and had lost touch with them until their recent launch of the site. They’re good folks who know communication and have a heart for the Kingdom.

There are times when a job board can be helpful, and I know that if I were going to use one, it would certainly be these guys.