Why We All Need Restoration And Reconciliation with Bishop Michael Pitts

Bishop Michael Pitts

On today’s Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, William Vanderbloemen talks with Bishop Michael Pitts, founding pastor at Cornerstone Church in Toledo, OH.

William talks with Bishop Pitts about the importance of restoration and reconciliation within the Church. We all may face storms or 'lifequakes,' but with the support of Christ, we can reset and move forward  – and the Church plays an integral role in helping others on that journey.


About Bishop Pitts

Bishop Michael and Pastor Kathi Pitts were married in 1984 and began their journey of ministry together right away.

Since then the couple became the founding pastors of Cornerstone Church, where they continue to serve as Senior Pastors, and the Cornerstone Global Network of churches, which has grown to a connected network of over 150 churches throughout the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, the UK, and South Africa.

Michael and Kathi continue to live in Toledo, OH — when they aren’t on an airplane heading for ministry — and are the proud parents of Meredith (married to Philip), Stephen Michael (married to Rosie), and the enthusiastic grandparents to Theodore Brave. The couple is pursuing a career in worship music.


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"To me, we have to lose this propensity in the Body of Christ to assassinate prodigals. And we have to lose this thing that we have by thinking that we can only rescue you as we’re punishing you, rather than trying to redeem you."  Tweet:

"Sometimes we are in a lifequake, but the thing that shakes you doesn’t have to break you."  Tweet:

"There has to be a road for the prodigals to come home. There has to be a way to recover, to restart, to bounce back, to get a reset." Tweet:

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