More Tips For Landing Your Dream Church Job


Did you know at any given time, 16 million people are actively looking for jobs? The competition in the current environment, even in ministry and not-for-profit roles, is extremely high. Sometimes, your dream job is in the details. Coaches from U.S. News’ career blog offer up these nine tips.

    • Tune-up Your Cover Letter: Imagine being the person responsible for hiring a new employee and having to read through almost identical cover letters demonstrating a candidate has hit the basics of the position and the company but offering nothing further. Do your due diligence. Find creative ways to introduce yourself to the company that show you’re the ideal candidate.
    • Body Language Says It All: Are your arms crossed? How’s your eye contact? What about your posture? Next time you meet with someone for an interview, pay special attention to what you’re body is saying. Be expressive when telling stories (but not over-the-top).
    • Mind the Gap: Maybe you’ve been unemployed for a while. What do you do with that space? Volunteer! Use your free time to help others and your resume won’t have a telling gap. Well, the only thing it will say is, “I may have been out of work, but I was still working!”
    • Be Careful of the Details: Small stuff matters. If you think it’s too small to notice, it’s not, especially when you’re trying to get the job of your dreams. If you noticed a missed deadline, or didn’t follow through somehow, acknowledge your mistake and apologize. Employers understand when things happen as long as they know you’re willing to be aware of it and do your best to mend any mistakes.
    • Answer One Question: What was your greatest success at your previous job? Make sure that is highlighted on your resume. Instead of listing all your responsibilities, show your future employer why the last organization you worked for can’t replace you.
    • Meet Your Match: Make sure you’re a match on a very basic level for the job which you are applying. Do you meet the minimum requirements? Can you perform the job and enjoy it? Respect the company’s time if you’re not – and don’t send them that resume.
    • Relax: When you’re interviewing, make sure you’re not giving off nervous energy. By having a friendly disposition, you will immediately put your interviewer at ease and stand out from the anxious masses before you.
    • Be Open Minded: With the recession, sometimes jobs have been combined to save payroll dollars. If you need to learn a new skill or are willing to pitch in with less desirable tasks, make that clear to the person interviewing you.