PODCAST | Winning Strategies to Navigate Multisite Expansion with Geoff Surratt and Greg Ligon

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In today’s conversation, our Founder and CEO, William Vanderbloemen talks with Geoff Surratt, who has previously held positions at Seacoast church, Saddleback Church, and Exponential, and Greg Ligon, who has been with Leadership Network since 1997, about their experience as pioneers in the multisite church movement.

Greg and Geoff have both worked in ministry for over 30 years, and have spent much of that time shepherding churches through the process of growth and expansion. They have written books about the multisite movement, and have recently released an e-book entitled “Multisite Reimagined” about the significance and potential for multisite churches during and following COVID-19. 

With an understanding of how church models are changing post-pandemic, Geoff and Greg offer advice for church growth and adaptation for ministry leaders. As we continue to navigate the impacts of COVID-19, we hope that as a church leader figuring out where your ministry will go next, you find this conversation informative and insightful. 

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Multisite Reimagined



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