New Year, New Org Chart


As the New Year’s festivities begin to fade and people begin to solidify their resolutions, successful companies have started the annual process of re-evaluating the health of their organizations. A critical component in any prosperous business is a compelling vision for the new year and a team aligned with that vision.

One of the most functional ways to align your staff to the company's new goals for 2023 is to create an organizational chart. An organizational chart creates defined lines of responsibility and accountability. With a successful org chart, every team member will have clear, communicated boundaries that allow them to work effectively towards the company’s common goal. When people know their responsibilities and who to report to, it allows for professional relationships to flourish and the work process to be facilitated.

A well-structured org chart will clear the way for efficient decision-making, create consistency across all channels of communication, and ensure that projects are more manageable. If your team already has an org chart in place, it is important to revisit it at least once a year to make sure that it is still functioning towards productivity and not hindering work as a rigid system. 

 An org chart will also help leadership members pinpoint job descriptions that need to be reworded or job titles that need revision. With changing times come changing business practices, and job roles need to adapt to the present needs of the organization.

Making sure the right people are in the right positions goes hand in hand with creating a working org chart. Maintaining key staff members in the positions that are best suited for them can be difficult if you are not clear on what skills are needed for each individual role. Investing in staff consulting can simplify the process for you by creating a strategic analysis of your current staff and potentially reorganizing team members.  Staff Consulting is also a great way to align your team around your purpose.

At Vanderbloemen, we help organizations build thriving teams by providing tailored consulting services unique to your organization. Our staff consulting process will advise you on your staff structure, staff growth planning, and staff reorganization. We’d love to start a conversation about how we can help build your team to reach its full potential. Get in touch with us!