[Podcast] How to Hand the Baton to the Next Generation with Pastor Mike Robertson


A key role of the Senior Pastor of any church is passing the responsibility of leading the church on to his successor. Pastoral succession planning is a piece of ministry that our team here at Vanderbloemen is passionate about. One of the most imporant questions you will ever answer as a leader is, "Who will lead after me?"

In today's episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, William Vanderbloemen talks with Pastor Mike Robertson, author and Pastor at V1 Church in Visalia, CA, an Assemblies of God congregation with attendance over 4,000.

Pastor Mike talks with William Vanderbloemen about

  • Having the baton passed to him
  • Hiring with the next generation in mind
  • Geographic culture differences in ministry from Texas to California
  • His new book, Mind Viruses


Pastor Mike Robertson

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Quotes from Pastor Mike:

"I underestimated the value of standing on great shoulders." [CLICK TO TWEET]

"If you can change the way you think before you go to sleep, you'll wake up with some answers you never thought you had." [CLICK TO TWEET]

"You don't measure a leader by the SIC (Since I Came) ministry but the SIL (Since I Left) ministry." [CLICK TO TWEET]


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