[Podcast] The Value of Intentional Leadership Development with Darrin Patrick

Darrin Patrick on Intentional Leadership Development

In today's episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, William talks with Darrin Patrick, Chaplain for the St. Louis Cardinals, Lead Pastor of The Journey, and Vice President of Acts 29. They talk about team building and church leadership.

When Darrin and Annie Patrick, an athlete and an artist, began feeling the call to plant a church, they wanted to build a church that God could use to reach people who didn't feel at home in a traditional church setting. In 2001, they started The Journey with 30 people focused on a vision to use beauty, challenge, and thoughtfulness to reach the St. Louis community. They had a dream to become a church that planted other churches and could start non-profits to address the brokenness of the city. Today, The Journey is 13 years old with 6 locations.

In this exclusive interview, Darrin and William talk about Darrin's experience as a church planter, his leadership as the St. Louis Cardinals' Chaplain, and his intentionality about building a church that focuses on equipping men to lead and love well. His new book The Dude's Guide to Marriage: Ten Skills Every Husband Must Develop to Love His Wife Well will be released November 3rd, so preorder the book now. Learn about the value of intentional leadership from Darrin Patrick.

Darrin talks with William about:

  • How lessons from the Cardinals' leadership development track can help pastors develop their staff and volunteer teams
  • What he's learned pastoring in St. Louis this year in the midst of cultural tension and turmoil
  • How he and The Journey are intentional about equipping men to lead their marriages and families well

Darrin Patrick

Darrin Patrick

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Quotes from Darrin:

"Deacons lead by serving. Elders serve by leading." [CLICK TO TWEET]

"Talent matters but a lot of talent can be developed from within.'" [CLICK TO TWEET]

"The key to developing a team is, 'We not Me.'" [CLICK TO TWEET]

"As a church, you should be thinking about starting something." [CLICK TO TWEET]