PODCAST | 2020 Has Me Down: Psychologists’ Advice For Coping Through Transition

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In today’s conversation, William Vanderbloemen, our founder & CEO spoke with psychologists Dr. John Walker and Dr. Charity Byers of Blessing Ranch Ministries. Blessing Ranch combines theology with psychology to provide counseling, coaching, and resources to Christian leaders, families, and churches. John and Charity share practical tips for how to deal with the emotional stress and impact of a pandemic. They share the importance of being intentional about your mental health through self-care, remembering your why, and ways to discern if it’s time to move on and prepare for a succession.

This conversation provides insight, resources, and guidance on prioritizing your mental health during challenging times while also being an effective leader and servant.

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Unhindered by Dr. John Walker and Dr. Charity Byers



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