Knowing When To Relinquish Your Role with Carey Nieuwhof [Podcast]

Knowing When To Relinquish Your Role with Carey Nieuwhof.jpg

The Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast brings you interviews from leaders across the theological spectrum of the global Church. Our goal is to bring you thought-provoking interviews that encourage you, challenge you, and help you build, run, and keep great teams.

In today's episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, William talks with Carey Nieuwhof, Teaching Pastor of Connexus Church in Ontario and well-known ministry thought-leader.



Carey Nieuwhof is the Teaching and the Founding Pastor of Connexus Church in Ontario and has been in ministry since 1995. He is the author of several books, including his latest, Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations That Will Help Your Church Grow.

Carey also speaks to church leaders around the world about leadership, change, and personal growth. He writes one of today’s most widely-read church leadership blogs and hosts the top-rated Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast where he interviews some of today’s best leaders.

William talks with Carey about:

  • How to discern when it's time to relinquish or renew leadership
  • Effective ways to let go of or delegate responsibilities
  • How to hire people who complement your strengths

Quotes from Carey:

You have to renew leadership.Tweet:

You have to empower a team & be clear on your systems.Tweet:

Delegation is not abdication.Tweet:

The longer I've been in leadership, the more I've realized what I'm not good at & I hire people who can do those things.Tweet:

Narrowing where you're contributing can actually lead to greater zeal rather than greater fatigue.Tweet:


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