15 Awesome Resources For Church Leaders


Every church leader I know is always looking for new resources offering fresh insight church leadership and team building. Leadership takes on various forms and is interpreted differently by everyone; therefore, an endless amount of knowledge on the subject of church and ministry leadership is available.

We believe these resources are some of the best ones out there. We love sharing great content with you and offering resources to keep building great church leaders, so I hope these make your next reading or listening list!


Surprise! We’ve already made a list of several podcasts that contain wonderful content. Check out our blog, “6 Podcasts Every Church Leader Should Listen To,” which includes our very own Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast. In addition to those six, here are a few more great ones:

1. Craig Groeschel's Leadership Podcast

Craig Groeschel is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Life.Church, the largest church in America. In his podcast, he offers insights into fresh thinking on how to solve problems and grow as a leader. Episodes typically run from 20-25 minutes and are released once or twice a month. Each episode includes notes offering key points and discussion questions you can share with your team.

2. Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast

Jesus Culture is a movement that has grown to encompass conferences, worship music, and leadership content. In this podcast, leaders of Jesus Culture, along with guests, discuss the issues leaders face daily. Episodes are released monthly and range from 20-40 minutes.

3. The Leadership Momentum Podcast

Ramsey Solution’s very own Chris Brown dives into the issues leaders face in the church, their personal lives, and the importance of stewardship. In this 30-60 minute monthly podcast, Chris sits down with some of the top church leaders to dig in to their wisdom and insight.


4. Q Talks 

Q Ideas delves into the deeper questions of faith and leadership, tackling questions about how Christian leaders incite relevant conversations, lead, and thrive in today’s society. Born from the idea of “valuing both personal and cultural renewal,” Q strives to create a space to ask big questions and have people think for themselves about how their faith relates to life. Multiple topical videos are released weekly, tackling the big issues society is facing.

5. Ministry Grid

Training leaders to use their gifts and not simply do their jobs, but to share their lives and tell their story, Ministry Grid targets leaders of every area. Their goal is to train up individuals within your church, raising them to be leaders “from the parking lot to the pulpit.”

6. Leadercast

Leadercast aims to raise the standard of leadership, pushing leaders to stand out, thinking and behaving differently. Topics range from staying relevant with millennials to career happiness and self-motivation. Videos are short, perfect for time-starved leaders.


7. Who Moved My Pulpit? Leading Change In The Church by Thom Rainer

It’s undeniable that there is a lot of change happening right now, and the church is at the forefront of that. Thom Rainer sets out a guide to lead change in your church by altering your approach to the shifts, not changing your biblical foundation or doctrine. Find out more about the book here

8. Growing Young: Six Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church by Kara Powell, Jake Mulder, and Brad Griffin

Young people have left the church in large numbers as they’ve become disengaged with religion. The authors lay out a strategy for you and your church to retain teens and young adults, keeping them engaged and growing spiritually and emotionally. Get your copy here.

9. re:MIX: Transitioning Your Church to Living Color by Mark DeYmaz and Bob Whitesel

Based on research, the authors strategize how leaders can diversify their churches in an increasingly diverse society. It lays the framework of how to transition your church from a monoethnic congregation to a church of “living color.” Check it out here.

10. Be Mean About the Vision: Preserving and Protecting What Matters by Shawn Lovejoy

Mission drift is a common issue leaders of churches and nonprofits alike face. In this book, Shawn Lovejoy discusses the importance of finding a guiding vision for your organization, being intentional about sticking with it, and bringing others onboard. See what it’s all about here.


11. LeadingBravely.org

Kevin Lloyd currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, GA. LeadingBravely.org is directed toward leaders looking to grow, providing practical advice and tools for leaders to expand their influence and prepare for the future. Catch up with Kevin here.

12. MargaretFeinberg.com 

Best selling author and speaker Margaret Feinberg offers practical wisdom for influencers across the spectrum. She uses her own life to bring insight into various topics ranging from settling into a new church home to prayer life. Check out her blog here.

13. LeadingSmart.com

Previously on staff at Granger Community Church and now serving here at Vanderbloemen, Tim Stevens provides practical advice and articles to church leaders. His weekly blog provides great content from across the web to help you lead smarter. See his latest Friday Finds here.

14. JenniCatron.com

Author and speaker Jenni Catron offers insights about leadership and organizational health. Named by Outreach Magazine as one of the 30 emerging influencers reshaping church leadership, she strives to give leaders grounding and build confidence, inspiring, equipping, and encouraging them. See what she has to say here.

15. Just Marinating

Former NFL linebacker and founding pastor of Transformation Church in South Carolina, Derwin Gray invites leaders to contemplate the gospel and leadership in life and the church. Pulling from his positions of leadership, Pastor Derwin talks about his own experiences, struggles, and doubts, as well as his growth through it all. Check out his blog here.

What are some other resources that have helped you as a church leader?

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