PODCAST | Streamlining Communications with Andre Dantzler and Echo Global

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This week, our Founder and CEO, William Vanderbloemen talks with Andre Dantzler, president of Socially U to explore the advantages of streamlining all communications through Echo Global.

Andre Dantzler is the president of Socially U where he uses Echo Global to streamline all ministry communications like phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media conversations. Echo Global began working with companies and organizations by helping them to build their broad-based communication skills and build software technologies to give ministries a tool to widen their capacity and ability to communicate with their communities.

On today’s podcast, our founder and CEO William Vanderbloemen spoke with Andre about the church management tools that Echo Global offers that are fast, reduce clutter, and are very efficient in managing conversations. While reflecting on the pandemic, Andre shares the reality he has seen of people who are longing for encouragement and connection with others for support. He also mentions the advantages of Echo Global being able to offer leaders one place for all digital conversations as they steward their communities well and continue being the hands and feet of Jesus by staying connected during challenging times.

Many churches use multiple platforms to communicate, such as church websites, social media, text messages, and phone calls. In the past year, conversations have increased and leaders need ways to streamline all of their conversations and be able to create quicker and better responses with people who may contact them.

This is a great conversation for those who are looking to adapt, manage, and streamline their church communications, as well as for those interested in understanding the abilities of the software. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Andre Dantzler.





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