PODCAST | Strengthening Church and Nonprofit Board Relations with Dan Busby and Warren Bird of ECFA

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On today's episode, William Vanderbloemen interviews Dan Busby and Warren Bird of ECFA, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. When we recorded this podcast, Dan Busby was the president of ECFA. Today, after serving ECFA for 31 years, Dan is now president emeritus. We are so thankful for Dan and his many years of serving so many Christian organizations. Warren Bird is ECFA's VP of Research and Equipping. He is also William Vanderbloemen's coauthor of Next: Pastoral Succession That Works that you can check out at nextpastor.com.

In this discussion, Dan, William, and Warren discuss the responsibilities and challenges present on a church board and how to maintain positive relationships between board members and those impacted by board decisions. They also give advice to individuals walking through role transitions from starting a new nonprofit to retiring from a long-term board role.

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