The Most Common Financial Mistakes Churches Make with Randy Ongie [Podcast]


The Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast brings you interviews from leaders across the theological spectrum of the global Church. Our goal is to bring you thought-provoking interviews that encourage you, challenge you, and help you build, run, and keep great teams.

In today's episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, William talks with Randy Ongie, President of MAG Bookkeeping, which provides bookkeeping solutions for churches.  

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Randy Ongie is the President MAG Bookkeeping, Inc, which helps busy pastors and growing churches by serving as their virtual church bookkeeper for accounting and payroll. In addition to leading the team at MAG Bookkeeping, he also serves as a member of the Leadership Team at the Miles Advisory Group, Inc. (the parent company of MAG Bookkeeping).

Randy previously spent 13 years as an Executive Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Johnson City, TN. While there, the church grew from about 400 people to almost 3,000. He has been with the team at MAG Bookkeeping since 2013. 

Randy talks with William about:

  • Transitioning between the church and business world
  • Managing technology-fueled growth with MAG Bookkeeping
  • Most common bookkeeping mistakes that churches are making 
  • Social security options for pastors
  • Best practices for leading nonprofit bookkeeping





Randy Ongie

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Quotes from Randy:

Relationships matter. Tweet: Relationships matter. @RandyOngie via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

Surround an individual church with a team, not just an individual. Tweet: Surround an individual church with a team, not just an individual. @RandyOngie via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

Budgets should serve the church first.Tweet: Budgets should serve the church first. @RandyOngie via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

Bookkeeping is a way to tell your financial story.Tweet: Bookkeeping is a way to tell your financial story. @RandyOngie via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

 You can't make good decisions without good data. Tweet: You can't make good decisions without good data. @RandyOngie via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast