The Must-Have Characteristic In Your Next Hire


Agility. The simple definition is the gracefulness of a person that is quick and nimble, but agility in ministry has nothing to do with athletic ability and everything to do with attitude.

There will always be more to do in ministry than manpower, time, and money allow. A team member must be versatile, since ministry often calls for he or she to act outside of their job description. Effectively assessing agility cannot be done in one interview, but here are a few characteristics to look for when beginning your agility assessment.

Self-aware: Does this person know his strengths and weaknesses? Self-aware individuals typically have the confidence to make effective decisions quicker than those who are less self-aware.

Problem Solver: Does this person simply react when faced with an obstacle, or do they provide a strategic solution? Quick and nimble does not mean careless and sloppy.

Lifetime Learner: Does this person assess outcomes and then change the system to better plan for the future? An attitude of continual improvement is key to a ministry’s long-term success.  

These questions take time to answer, which is why relationship building is critical throughout the interviewing process. Agility is proven as you observe an individual react to obstacles. A slow and strategic hiring process will enable you to assess a person’s responses to various organizational challenges, bringing his agility ability to light. 

How have you seen agility in your staff members contribute to the success of your ministry?