The Two Vital Questions In Planning A Successful Easter Service


In both my personal life and career, I have not only witnessed but participated in countless Easter and Christmas services. I have seen video, drama, live animals, adult choirs, children's choirs, orchestras, artists, and even aerialists used to tell the truths of the Bible in relevant ways. As Christians, we understand that we have the greatest story to tell on earth. 

The most effective services I have ever been a part of have answered two important questions. I would ask you to consider these as you make final preparations for your Holy Week experiences in the next few weeks.


While the story of Christ's birth, death and resurrection are compelling on their own merit, the real question remains, "So what?"

Easter and Christmas services are typically the most heavily attended by non-church members and those who do not profess to be believers. They know the story. What they want to know is what Christ has to do with their lives. Why did He come? What difference has He made in the the lives of others and in the world? 

I attended a service years back that told the Christmas story in a beautiful and relevant way, but the evangelistic temperature of the service was not very high.

Let me challenge you to make the most of the hour you have people's attention. Tell the story well but also challenge them with real life stories of life change. Show them how a relationship with Jesus has radically transformed people's lives. 


Have you ever heard the saying, "Always leave them wanting more?" While that may be true for concerts or theatre, it's also true for the church.

One of the most crucial questions you need to address for your weekend experience is, “What's next?” If you haven’t already planned for it, remember that one of the most important series you may do this year is the one AFTER Easter.

As a church, you are riding the wave of the Holy weekend experience, and the momentum created often flows over into the next few weekends. Focus on continuing your evangelistic effort as you plan well in the following week to maximize kingdom impact. And most importantly, don’t forget to communicate the “whats next” invitation effectively. 

The Easter season can be one of the most stressful times for pastors. We're praying for all of our churches and candidates as Easter approaches.