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3 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Remote Employee
Posted by Maggie Richter on 10/11/17 7:00 AM

3 Tips For Multigenerational Church Staffs To Work Together Efficiently

There is a lot of value in having team members of many generations on a staff. Multiple generations means multiple perspectives, which ultimately means a broader outlook on how to tackle a problem or get a job done. I came from a setting where I was one of a handful of millennials on a staff of many more Generation X’ers. I now work in an environment where I am one of many millennials on a staff with only a handful of Generation X’ers.

Posted by Katie Bivens on 10/5/17 7:01 AM

What To Do When A Candidate Has Bad Credit

One of the offerings that Vanderbloemen Search Group provides for churches is a comprehensive background, social media and credit check. By providing these services, we are behind hundreds of candidate credit checks per year, good and bad. 

While most candidates have great credit, and some don’t even have a credit card, other candidates have less than perfect credit. This isn't a dealbreaker in the hiring process necessarily, but certainly something worth noting. So what should an organization do when one of its candidates has bad credit?

Here are 5 things to consider. 

Posted by Gail Mayes on 10/2/17 7:00 AM

3 Reasons Why Your Church Staff Team Needs An Office

For many churches, especially young church plants, having a place to call a workspace can be tough to come by.  Young churches and portable churches tend to rely on technology to keep their teams connected, but I think there is a relevant case for having your team all in one place. Here are 3 of the best reasons.

Posted by David Fantin on 9/21/17 7:00 AM

3 Questions To Ask Before Letting Someone Go

There’s nothing quite like finding a new hire that’s a perfect fit for your team. Everyone loves making a good hire! But what happens when you realize your employment relationship with someone on your staff needs to come to an end?

Letting someone go is not easy, but sometimes necessary. There are some questions you can ask before, during, and after to make sure you are terminating in the most effective way you can.

Posted by Bailley Hawkins on 9/14/17 7:00 AM

4 Action Steps For Your First Day On The Job

In our work with churches and organizations, we hear too many unfortunate stories of new hires that fail to last longer than a few weeks on staff. This is often because the new hire has neglected to lean into the church's culture or be proactive in the first couple of weeks. 

Posted by Tracey Smith on 9/11/17 7:00 AM

5 Easy Tips For Improving Your Interview Process

We have the great privilege of interviewing candidates every day and hearing how different churches approach their own personal interviewing process. I want to share a few easily applied tips that have impressed me along the way. This is not a comprehensive list of best interview practices, but I hope these few ideas help improve your ministry's interview process.

Posted by Sam Murray on 8/28/17 7:00 AM

10 Action Steps For Your Next Staff Member Transition 

Neil Miller is the Church Solutions Manager for KiSSFLOW and a Ministry Partner of Vanderbloemen Search Group. 

It’s always hard to lose someone from your team, even if the decision is mutual. Emotions can flow deeply – from sadness, to anger, to hope for what might be coming next.

But in the midst of all those emotions, you might forget some important steps as you offboard the employee. If you don’t have effective systems in place, you could leave your team open to risk, especially if the transition is a turbulent one. Smart churches have systems in place for when someone transitions off the team to help protect both the church and the individual.

Posted by Neil Miller on 8/25/17 7:00 AM

The Do’s And Don’ts Of An Onsite Interview

Interviewing for a new ministry position is exciting, but it can also be a nerve-wracking and stressful situation for some, especially those final onsite interviews at a church. Meeting new people, having to answer the same questions multiple times, and trying to be “on” around everyone you encounter during the process can be draining to say the least. 

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 8/23/17 7:00 AM

6 Ways To Gracefully Realign Your Church Staff Team

Many organizations undergo seasons where staff realignment is necessary for growth. A church is no different. This need often stems from clear stagnation or a sudden vacancy on staff.

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 8/7/17 7:00 AM

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