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Our blog about pastor search, church staffing, and church leadership from our years of experience

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5 People You Shouldn't List As References
Posted by Gail Mayes on 5/25/17 7:01 AM

How To Handle Church Staff Layoffs

No matter how you put it, layoffs are hard. Whether you work for a church or in the corporate world, facing termination is met with difficult conversations, heightened emotions, and an incredible opportunity for grace to triumph. So if your church is in the middle of budget cutting and eliminating positions looks inevitable, how do you handle it?

Posted by Nicole Cochran on 5/22/17 7:03 AM

What To Do AFTER You've Made A New Hire

So you've made the hire for your church staff or ministry! Now what? That is a great question. Most church leaders and non-profit employers spend so much time and focus on the front end of the hiring process that they often forget about how to be intentional once the new employee has arrived. But the smartest leaders we've seen - those who excel in retaining great staff members - remain intentional in their actions after the hire has been made.

Posted by Tracey Smith on 5/17/17 7:19 AM

How To Handle An Ineffective Church Staff Member

One of the greatest joys in ministry is working with a great staff. But if there are challenging staff situations, it can also be one of the biggest frustrations in church leadership. Why do church leaders tend to hold on to people who are ineffective or even harmful to the church? What does it do to the team and mission? What should we need to do about it?

Posted by Brian Dunks on 5/11/17 7:18 AM

4 Ways To Discern If A Pastor's Child Should Be Their Successor

Finding the right person to succeed the founding or the long-term Senior Pastor of your church is always a challenge. When you’ve only known the church with one person at the helm, the thought of entrusting it to someone new can be downright scary.

Posted by Sarah Newsome on 5/10/17 7:38 AM

3 Qualities Of Great Candidates You Can't See On A Resume

There are many different variables you need to take into account when assessing if a ministry candidate is a good fit for your church staff. There are the obvious things like experience in similar context, demonstrated growth in the ministries they have been a part of, the desired education level, etc. But what qualities or characteristics should you be looking for beyond that? What are some qualities that separate the excellent candidates from the good ones in a group that is highly qualified?

Posted by Jeff Gilmer on 4/19/17 7:25 AM

9 Characteristics To Look For In Administrative Hires


Posted by Nicole Cochran on 4/13/17 7:11 AM

5 Ways to Ensure New Hires Assimilate Well

You did it! You finally found the right person for your church's vacant position. The days, weeks, and months of resume reviewing and interviews have paid off. However, as important as making the actual hire is, something that is even more crucial is making sure the hire sticks. In addition to a stellar onboarding process, here are a handful of tips to make sure your new hire assimilates onto your team well.

Posted by Katie Bivens on 4/10/17 7:47 AM

Why Not To Hire A Search Firm

A search firm is not the right solution for every search or even every church. Bringing in outside help to fill critical church staffing roles is a serious, intentional choice. We have a unique process tailored to each church’s needs, but at times a church may not be ready or in a position to jump into that process with us.

Here are three reasons you may not want to hire a pastor search firm just yet.

Posted by Sarah Robins on 4/6/17 7:36 AM

5 Tips To Help Your New Employee Join Your Church Staff

Congratulations, you’ve hired a candidate! Bringing a fresh face and perspective onto the team is always an exciting phase. Don’t be fooled, however, the next few months will be critical in determining the long-term success of the candidate. Here are a few things you can do as the leader of your new employee to help onboard them smoothly and ensure a happy and productive future. 

Posted by Danny Watterson on 4/5/17 7:45 AM

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