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3 Check Points For Selecting Your Pastor Search Committee Members
Posted by Caroline Smith on 2/23/17 7:34 AM

3 Things To Consider When Replacing A Long-Tenured Pastor

Though any Lead Pastor transition is an important one, replacing a long-tenured Senior Pastor often carries a lot more weight and is filled with nuances outside a normal pastor search. We’ve walked alongside hundreds of churches during this holy crossroads, and we can tell you that a pastor search like this is so important to get right.

Here are three things to consider when searching for a new pastor after a long-tenured one.

Posted by Sarah Robins on 12/12/16 7:47 AM

4 Things Smart Search Committees Look For In A Resume

Let’s face it, not all ministry resumes are created equal. Some people have known what they wanted to do since first grade and have focused on education and activities that are attractive to potential employers in their desired career path. Many others discover a later-in-life calling to what they were made to do.

Posted by Bob Sutton on 11/7/16 7:22 AM

17 Questions Your Pastor Search Committee Should Ask Your Church Staff

When a church is looking for a new Senior Pastor, more often than not, they elect a Pastor Search Committee, Pastor Nominating Committee, or Call Committee, etc. A Pastor Search Committee usually does not include any staff members from the church. This helps the Pastor Search Committee maintain objectivity, keeping the best interests of the church (and not their own jobs or work culture) in mind.

Posted by Katie Viscontini on 8/26/16 7:05 AM

4 Crucial Steps Of Church Staffing Due Diligence

An extremely important part of the church staffing and hiring process is conducting due diligence on candidates. The information uncovered in the due diligence process is very valuable in that it may give specific insight into whether the candidate is a good fit for your church and, if so, the best way to lead the candidate.

Posted by Gail Mayes on 6/29/16 6:55 AM

7 Simple Steps To Finding Your Next Pastor

I was recently meeting with a church’s elder board where they asked me how many Senior Pastor searches our team here at Vanderbloemen has been a part of. The answer was hundreds - more if you count the Lead Pastor searches that our team members were involved in during their tenures on church staffs around nation before they joined our team. I then posed the same question to them, "How many times have you been involved in a search process for a Pastor?" to which they replied, “Well… zero.”

Posted by Sarah Robins on 6/27/16 7:39 AM

3 Reasons Why You Haven't Heard From The Search Committee

Scenario: You’re a church job candidate that’s been through a phone screen. The search committee has flown you and your family out to the church for a weekend on-site visit. You’ve taken a tour of the campus, had meals with church staff and key lay leaders, and sat through multiple interview sessions. It’s even possible that you’ve preached a sermon, taught a large group or led worship. You left feeling confident that things went well and that you are a great fit for the church. Then: silence. The committee gets really quiet for a prolonged amount of time.

Posted by Brian Dunks on 6/23/16 7:04 AM

5 Hang Ups Of Pastor Search Committees

Pastor search commitees have the unique opportunity to both determine and act upon the need to find a new senior leader for the church. When seeking this new leader, pastor search committees must navigate certain myths and pitfalls of hiring a new church staff member. 

Posted by Danny Watterson on 6/20/16 6:22 AM

6 Mistakes Churches Make When Paying Their Pastor

Performance should be the motivating factor in deciding what to pay your pastor. There are, however, many other factors to take into consideration when determining a Senior Pastor's compensation. Far too often, we see churches neglecting to consider one or more of these elements.

Posted by Nicole Cochran on 6/16/16 7:37 AM

6 Questions Pastor Search Committees Should Ask Before Beginning A Search

As a newly-formed pastor search committee, it’s often hard to know where to start. You know you need a new pastor, but the steps it takes to get there tend to be foggy. To ensure a successful and relatively painless search, search committees need to consider their process first.

Posted by Sarah Robins on 6/15/16 6:07 AM

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