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4 Teams Every Senior Pastor Needs
Posted by Tracey Smith on 2/15/18 7:00 AM

4 Strategies To Interview For A Cultural Fit

These days, if you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a dozen times: workplace culture is crucial to retaining happy and healthy employees. It’s one thing to simply enjoy the role you hold in an organization, but that will only go so far. No matter how much your staff members like their particular jobs, employee retention will suffer if your culture is toxic.

Posted by Katie Bivens on 2/12/18 7:00 AM

3 Church Staff Positions That Will Become More Common This Year

Walking alongside churches of all sizes provides a unique perspective of how they operate. We get to see how churches work internally, but also get a high-level view of how churches adapt (or fail to adapt) to change.

Posted by David Fantin on 1/22/18 7:00 AM

Building A Better Staff Culture In The New Year

You’ve written your vision and mission statements, relentlessly debated what your core values should be, and have come to the conclusion that you need to build a great staff culture. But what comes next? Building a healthy staff culture must be intentional; you can’t just expect it to happen on its own. While creating a staff culture is not something that can be done overnight, here are 5 things your church can do to start building your staff culture today:

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 1/11/18 7:00 AM

How To Deal With An Unexpected Staff Transition

Staff transition is inevitable in any business or organization, and the church is no exception. There are many reasons for a staff transition (some are rather painful and unpleasant) but what about when a rock star staff member is called to a new position and resigns from your church?  Whether or not you saw it coming, transition can be scary and unsettling. As a church leader, you are called to navigate this transition in a way that honors the staff member, your team, and the church.  

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 1/10/18 7:00 AM

19 Leadership Hacks To Start The New Year

As a new year is upon us, we all have a unique opportunity to start off strong, feeling both refreshed and renewed for the year ahead. If you want to take advantage of this fresh start but don’t know where to begin, below are some simple ways to get the ball rolling in 2018.

Posted by Jeff Gilmer on 1/8/18 7:00 AM

When Is It Time To Promote A Staff Member?

When you hire the right people, they will not only be great at what they do but also add value to your church and its members. These are the people you don’t want to lose. While it might not be feasible for every situation, in some cases it’s important to acknowledge their value to your team through a promotion. So how do you know when it’s time to promote a high-achieving staff member? 

Posted by Kendal Drinkwine on 12/27/17 7:00 AM

3 Qualities Of Outstanding Church Volunteers

We’ve all seen them – they’re the person you see at the door every Sunday, greeting you with a grin and a good morning. They’re the person wearing a “how can I help?” lanyard. They’re the person who writes thank you notes, runs to the dollar store for supplies, and organizes the lunchtime devotional schedule during the mission trip. They’re behind the scenes – filling out forms for you, herding children back to their parents, championing and cheerleading every step of the way as God moves in ministries. 

They’re usually not on staff, and usually their work goes unnoticed. They’re constantly behind the scenes but without them, a ministry wouldn’t work as effectively.

They’re your volunteers, and they’re vitally important. So how do you get from needing a solid base of volunteers to having a volunteer team that maximizes the work of ministry or organization is doing?

As you’re building a team of volunteers, look for some of these key traits below. 

Posted by Meredith Mohr on 12/21/17 7:01 AM

4 Ways To Grow Your Volunteer Team In The New Year

Posted by Maggie Richter on 12/14/17 7:00 AM

5 Benefits That Will Attract Millennials To Your Team

It’s no secret that the Millennial generation has brought about many changes to our culture and our workforce. With a desire to not simply “clock in and clock out” at a 9-5 job, Millennials are constantly looking for ways to impact the world around them. They're passionate and empathetic, longing for a new kind of work environment. For better or for worse, the workplace is changing, and so are the perks and benefits that Millennials are looking for. 

Posted by Katie Bivens on 12/13/17 7:00 AM

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