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How To Create A Work Environment That Says 'Yes'
Posted by Meredith Mohr on 10/16/17 7:00 AM

10 Things Your Pastor Needs You To Be

I have the privilege to talk to scores of young leaders. Many of them are just starting out in ministry and jumping onto the staff of a church. They come in with tons of energy and ambition and a desire to serve. I’ve been asked, “What does it take to be a great staff member?”

Posted by Tim Stevens on 10/12/17 7:00 AM

3 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Remote Employee

I’ve had the opportunity to work at Vanderbloemen as an Intern, a remote part-time employee, and now an in-house, full-time employee. While my roles have remained relatively consistent, the setting has varied quite a bit. I’ve concluded that this makes me the perfect guinea pig for a study on in-house vs. virtual employees.

Posted by Maggie Richter on 10/11/17 7:00 AM

3 Tips For Multigenerational Church Staffs To Work Together Efficiently

There is a lot of value in having team members of many generations on a staff. Multiple generations means multiple perspectives, which ultimately means a broader outlook on how to tackle a problem or get a job done. I came from a setting where I was one of a handful of millennials on a staff of many more Generation X’ers. I now work in an environment where I am one of many millennials on a staff with only a handful of Generation X’ers.

Posted by Katie Bivens on 10/5/17 7:01 AM

How To Transition From Staff-Led To Volunteer-Led Culture

If you are reading this, take heart, you are not alone. Many pastors have tried to make this seemingly impossible shift from staff-led ministry to volunteer-led ministry. Some have crashed and burned, others have gracefully succeeded. How did they do it?           

Posted by Bob Sutton on 9/25/17 7:00 AM

7 Crucial Components Of A Church Residency Program

Many churches now offer internship opportunities or residency programs to help develop future ministry leaders. These programs can range in focus from high school students to young adults to even more advanced adults for church-planting or missions-related programs. 

Posted by Katie Chapman on 9/20/17 7:00 AM

4 Keys To Healthy Team Collaboration

One of the questions I ask in every interview I do is: “Can you tell me about your leadership style?” By far, the most common word I get in response is collaborative. Collaboration is a trendy new phrase in team leadership today. It sounds like an easy enough task with clear benefits, but implementation can vary in difficulty based on the team. 

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 9/18/17 7:00 AM

7 Questions To Ask Your Church Staff On A Bi-Annual Basis

Leadership is more than casting vision. Effective leadership requires being hands-on and intentional about maintaining relationships with your staff.

To better engage your church staff, create a system of asking bi-annual questions. These questions can be general but should ultimately help you better understand the people who work under your leadership every day. I encourage you to cover these questions in your regular staff reviews as a way to ensure you're asking them on a consistent basis.

We’ve provided seven questions below that can help you accomplish this.

Posted by David Fantin on 8/14/17 7:00 AM

4 Regular Habits Of Relational Leaders

In our work with churches all around the world, we have found that healthy churches have a healthy staff. And what we have noticed among healthy staff teams is that the leadership is inherently relational. This is what keeps organizations healthy and growing for the long-run.

No matter how administrative or hands-off your role at your church may be, your role will always impact people on your team and people in your church. To create a church staff that helps your team and church continue to thrive, here are four habits to adopt. These should ultimately allow your staff to get to know you on a deeper level and vice versa.

Posted by Jeremiah Ravindranath on 8/9/17 7:00 AM

5 Reasons To Offer An Internship Program At Your Church

I’ve had a deep passion for serving the church from a relatively young age and was fortunate enough to have great leaders invest in me early on. Perhaps the most beneficial experience at the very beginning of my ministerial journey was a pastoral internship I received in college.

Posted by Rusty Gates on 8/3/17 7:02 AM

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