What Can Your Staff Learn From The Fastest Growing Churches?


We recently partnered with Tony Morgan's The UnStuck Group to conduct a survey on church staffing and structure. Over 600 churches participated, and we wanted to share the results with you.

A thriving church staff can make a huge impact on a community. As it turns out, it seems that church growth rates are largely dependent on several important leadership and structure criteria. 

The fastest growing churches have a unified senior leadership team, which sets the strategy for the church staff. The fastest-growing churches also build their entire staff and ministry structure around a clear strategy, which allows staff to have clear responsibilities and goals. These key leadership components set churches up for overall health and long-term growth. 

In light of these statistics, it would behoove church leaders to ensure their staff has direction and clear goals. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. 1 out of 2 church staff members does not believe that their church staff is healthy and effective. Thus, it is not suprising to find that according to the survey, 51% of church staff members are open to new employment. 

Both Vanderbloemen Search Group and The Unstuck Group exist to help church leaders understand how to build effective and healthy teams. Check out the infographic below for the findings from the report. 

Click here to download the full Next Level Teams Staffing and Structure Report. 

Next Level Teams Church Staffing and Structure Report Infographic