What You Should Learn Now To Develop Your Career


In today's rapidly changing job market, the path to career success often feels uncertain. You may have a passion and calling, but to truly stand out and grow in your career, continuous self-development is essential. The good news is, you have the power to take ownership of your learning journey, strengthen your resume, and land the jobs you want. 

You’ll need to focus on personally developing two skill sets to stand out in a crowd of candidates: technology skills and soft skills.

Embracing Technology Skills

Technology advances constantly, and its impact on the workplace is everywhere. Developing technology skills is no longer optional.

Here are several key important specific technology skills to learn:

- How to utilize AI and leverage it for your needs.
- How to navigate new software in your field
- How to utilize new digital tools relevant to your skillset
- Build a presence on social media platforms
- Be comfortable using online communication tools

Leveraging these technologies significantly enhances your effectiveness and efficiency in any role. Technology is the application of all the other skills you offer on your resume.

Mastering church management software, social media platforms, and online communication tools can help you connect with your congregation and streamline administrative tasks. Familiarity with AI-driven data analysis can provide deeper insights into church operations, improving decision-making and strategic planning. 
By staying up-to-date with technological advancements, you not only enhance your current capabilities but also demonstrate your adaptability and forward-thinking mindset to employers.

Cultivating Soft Skills

Soft skills are equally important as technological skills.

Interpersonal skills are the foundation for effective leadership and teamwork. Here are some essential soft skills to seek improvement in:

- Problem-solving
- Conflict Resolution
- Networking
- Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness
- Adaptability
- Public Speaking
- Decision-Making

Employers across all industries, including church staffing, seek candidates who excel in these skills. Particularly, problem-solving skills enable you to navigate challenges and find creative solutions, which is invaluable in a dynamic work environment. Conflict resolution skills help maintain harmony in the workplace, supporting a positive and productive atmosphere. Networking, both within and outside your organization, can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations. 

Each of these skills will be put to work on a purpose-driven team to further pursue the team’s mission. Master these skills, and you will play an essential role in building and maintaining relationships, leading teams, and creating a supportive community within the places you work.

Take Action with Vanderbloemen

You may feel overwhelmed by the idea of tackling all these skills. You are not expected to do this alone. Vanderbloemen understands the challenges candidates face and exists to support you every step of the way. Our career coaching service is tailored to help you develop these skills according to your unique needs and background. With personalized guidance, you can create a plan to see progress in each of these areas this year. Take control of your career development today and let us help you become the candidate that churches hope to hire.

The journey to career success is a marathon, not a sprint. By investing in your self-development now, you're setting yourself up for long-term success and fulfillment far into your ministry career.