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What would it cost to hire a replacement for your key staff?

Find the balance between salary and stewardship with a custom compensation and benefits analysis for your church staff.

Through our partnership with Leadership Network and our work with hundreds of churches, we have the largest database of church salaries in existence.

Our team crafts a customized, objective compensation study that will deliver data specifically geared to your size, geographic setting, and type of church.


How It Works

Information Gathering

We will send you a thorough questionnaire that will help us benchmark your current compensation and benefits offerings in a tried and true manner. The more we know, the better we can provide an accurate assessment of your situation and how you can improve. All information you give us is held in strict confidence.


Our team conducts a deep dive analysis of all the information we’ve gathered and then uses multiple benchmarking tools that only we have access to, including the proprietary 2016 Leadership Network Large Church Salary Report data. Additionally, we will adjust for cost of living in your zip code based on exclusive data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


We craft a custom, comprehensive analysis report and conduct a consultative call with your team to debrief our findings. We’ll deliver our feedback and make recommendations on how your church can improve according to compensation and benefits best practices.

We look forward to talking with you soon