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Balance Salary & Stewardship

Compensation is a critical component of building a great team and retaining staff members.

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Build your team

Get customized results, based on real data.

Data is only as helpful as its context. Our Compensation & Benefits Analysis is a customized report that shows you how your organization stacks up against others your size, in your location, in your industry, and with your budget.

Whether you're a church, school, nonprofit, family office, or values-based business, we're ready to help you pay your staff well.  

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"Our experience with VSG for the compensation analysis was super...The report helped us build a stronger justification and rationale for many of our current practices, provided good direction on some weaker areas that need more development and gave a couple of recommendations for development that we had never thought of."


Lane Harrison

Founding & Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church

Collect Data

Our data team collaborates with your team to collect the compensation and benefits data we need to effectively analyze your organization's unique situation. All information is 100% confidential between your team and our team.

Deep Dive Analysis

We dive deep into the objective and subjective data points we know about organization - compensation, benefits, retirement, staff tenure, employee goals, geography, denomination, cost of living. We crunch the data so you don't have to.

Handcraft Results Report

After we crunch the data, our team develops a handcrafted report that gives you real answers based on real data. We'll show you how your staff compensation stacks up against other organizations like yours.

Follow Up Call

After we deliver the report, our team will schedule a follow-up consultation call to go over the findings and provide suggestions based on your organization's compensation and benefits goals.

What should you be paying your team?

We'll provide real answers based on real data to show you how your organization stacks up.

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