How Healthy Is Your Team?

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The Culture Tool Survey is a staff engagement study that scores your culture against the industry average in 8 key culture indicators: 

1. LeadershipDo people trust the leadership of this organization?

2. Stewardship of Life: Do you have work/life balance?

3. Communication: Are people communicating with one another at work?

4. Your Role: Do you understand what is expected of you?

5. Innovation: Are you innovating, or working like you always have?

6. Support: Are employees supported with the tools they need to do what they need to get done?

7. Collaboration: How much are you collaborating?

8. Personal Satisfaction: Do people like working here?

 It's 100% confidential. 

What you'll get:

  • Your staff culture health score.
  • Your strongest and weakest culture indicators.
  • Cross-question analysis revealing unique identifiers of your staff culture.
  • A deep analysis that is customized to the most critical areas of your organization's culture.

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