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Diversity Consulting Practice

Organizations with diverse teams experience more engagement, creativity, and retention. As Christian leaders, it is our duty to pursue diversity and equality.

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Build A Stronger Culture, Value Diversity

We all value the idea of having a diverse staff, but how can you successfully recruit a diverse candidate pool and ensure a strong staff culture? Our team is passionate about helping clients build and maintain an environment where people of different backgrounds, cultures, and interests can come together to advance the Kingdom in a fuller way.

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Executive Search For Diverse Leaders

We'll partner with you to find diverse executive staff to lead your organization

Receive the same top-notch service Vanderbloemen searches are known for

Receive custom strategic plan on how to make your particular culture more diverse

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Diversity Consulting

Receive an in-person consultation with one of our Executive Search Consultants

Walk through your goals with your Vanderbloemen Executive Search Consultants

Receive 3-5 page diversity analysis report overview with custom strategic plan and recommendations

Ongoing monthly calls to implement next steps to diversifying your culture

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Diversity Readiness Tool

You want to diversify your team. But are you ready? Utilize our free Diversity Readiness Tool to understand your readiness level.

What's Your Diversity Readiness Score?

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