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Christ Community Church

Worship Arts Pastor

Tucson, AZ

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Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance:  1,369

Location: Tucson, AZ

The Role: Worship Arts Pastor

Christ Community Church WorshipMeet Christ Community Church:

Christ Community Church (CCC) in Tucson, AZ is a gospel-centered nondenominational church committed to following Jesus together with their lives. The people of CCC believe that the gospel is not simply the entry point into the Christian life but that it is also the foundation and power that shapes all we do as followers of Jesus Christ, both in our daily lives and in our experience as the corporate body of Christ.

Christ Community Church was established in 1952 by a traveling evangelist and five married couples. Today, it has grown deep roots in Tucson as a community that draws people in with a love for the Bible. 

Christ Community Church stands out in the Tucson community for its timeless commitment to expository preaching and upholding of sound doctrine. For more than six decades people have been drawn to the church because of its uncompromising stand on the Bible. This is what makes CCC unique in Tucson, and to some extent, unique in all of the United States. In an era when the Christian worldview is collapsing in America, and so many churches are willing to compromise God’s Word, CCC has refused to yield from the Bible as its final authority in all matters.

About the Worship Arts Pastor:

Christ Community Church is looking for the next Worship Arts Pastor who will lead the congregation in faithful corporate worship that is glorifying to God, musically rich, and biblically sound. 

Christ Community Church(CCC) is an elder-led, non-denominational church that draws 850 attendees to our two Sunday morning worship services. Musically, we aim to incorporate the best of hymnody and contemporary songs, and our worship services aim to make full use of Scripture reading, prayer, and congregational participation. Our weekly worship team is joined by our bi-monthly choir, monthly orchestra, regular youth involvement, and occasional children’s choir. The Worship Arts Pastor provides leadership for the music ministry as a whole, including the many volunteer teams required to carry out the weekly corporate worship of the church.

Because this role is largely pastoral in nature, CCC is looking for someone who fulfills the qualifications of leadership listed in 1 Timothy 3. He should proactively care for the spiritual needs of those involved in the worship ministry, and he should encourage the spiritual well-being of the congregation as a whole.

The Worship Arts Pastor position would fit best with someone who not only agrees with our Statement of Faith and our overall ministry values as a church, but also aligns with our general philosophy of worship. CCC’s worship values listed above aim to show their heart for congregational participation, theological faithfulness, and musical beauty.

CCC Tuscon AudioThe Worship Arts Pastor's Responsibilities Include: 


  • Shepherd, encourage, and provide leadership for an effective music ministry that is consistent with Christ Community Church’s doctrine and values, and develop systems that will foster a healthy, God-honoring worship ministry culture.

  • Plan and lead the weekly corporate worship services of Christ Community Church, working under the direction of, and in collaboration with, the Executive Pastor of Preaching.

  • Provide direction for, and work in collaboration with, the Choir Director, Orchestra Director, and Technical Director.

  • Coordinate and communicate weekly verbal and visual communication, announcements, and promotions in the Sunday morning worship services.

  • Recruit, develop, train, and encourage several volunteer teams that contribute to our corporate worship services, including the Worship Team (singers and musicians), Technical Team (lighting, screens, staging, equipment upkeep), Host Ministry (greeters, ushers, communion servers), and Prayer Team (post service prayer and counsel).

  • Meet regularly with key leaders to evaluate, improve, plan and encourage.

  • Provide creative and strategic leadership to the Worship and Creative Arts department of CCC, speaking into the overall vision and direction of CCC’s worship culture.

  • Under the direction of the Executive Pastor of Preaching, oversee the collaborative design of seasonal events (Christmas, Easter) and special worship services.

  • Schedule musicians and volunteers, lead weekly rehearsals, and provide timely musical support and clear communication.

  • Work together with the Executive Pastor of Preaching to regularly analyze CCC’s list of songs and hymns to ensure theological faithfulness, and to introduce the best new music that fits the church’s theology and values.

  • Develop current musicians and volunteers through ongoing training, feedback, mentoring, and pastoral encouragement.

  • Oversee and develop the Worship Arts budget with a view toward overall financial health in relevant ministry areas.

Other Responsibilities and Areas for Development

  • Serve as a general staff pastor, attending staff meetings, contributing to overall church leadership discussions, participating in major CCC functions, and taking on general pastoral responsibilities as they arise (pastoral care visits, weddings, funerals, etc.).

  • Coordinate the music and musicians for CCC memorial services as they occasionally arise.

  • Help develop, encourage, and support the worship programs of the High School, Middle School, and Children’s Ministry of CCC, utilizing children and youth in our worship services where possible.

  • Mobilize and develop artists of various types in the congregation, finding creative expressions for their gifts and organizing them for meaningful contributions to CCC’s ministries.

  • Network with other like-minded music ministries in town for the purpose of mutual encouragement and collaborative events.

  • Host outside Christian groups and concerts at CCC to promote the overall gospel reputation of the church in Tucson and beyond.

CCC Tuscson FamilyWhat You Bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Worship Arts Pastor:

Education & Experience

  • 5+ years of experience

  • Robust musical and theological background and training

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in music or worship theology, preferred (equivalent experience and training will be carefully considered)

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Strong vocal ability and mastery of a lead instrument such as guitar or piano

  • Worship Band talent, but must utilize Choir & Orchestra during month

  • General understanding of musical theory and technique that is used in choral and orchestral music (the Worship Arts Pastor will give overall leadership and support to the directors of the choir and orchestra as they lead their respective groups)

  • Familiarity with applicable technology (live audio, lighting, video, Planning Center)

  • Ability to lead effective rehearsals

  • Competency in music theory and reading music

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Values congregational singing and engagement

  • Theologically astute

  • Pastor

  • Shepherd

  • Savors the ancient and the new

  • Good stage presence

  • Organized

  • Tech savvy

  • Invested in younger generations

CCC Tucson CrossWhat it's Like to Live in Tucson, AZ: 

Tucson, Arizona is a great place to settle down - it’s very family-friendly and is considered a midsize city of almost a million people. It offers big-city amenities with a small-town feel. Today, Tucson is a sprawling metro area in southern Arizona, but it first began as a small town. It has expanded over the surrounding area of the region of Arizona it is located in, inviting new residents to enjoy a low cost of living and a nationally recognized excellent university. But it also hasn’t forgotten its roots - there are many tangible and visible reminders of the region’s history and culture, including historic sites, statues recognizing important moments in its history, and even a site of a Native American village where the name Tucson comes from. People from all walks of life can be found here, and their cultures have left an impression on Tucson. Thanks to the large Latino community, holidays like Dia de Los Muertos bring a rich history and diversity to the area. 

If you love the mountains and all the outdoor adventures that come with living near them, Tucson is a place you’ll enjoy. Five ranges of minor mountains: the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Tortolita Mountains to the north, the Santa Rita Mountains to the south, the Rincon Mountains to the east, and the Tucson Mountains to the west make it a climber and hiker’s dream. It’s a happy city to be outside too - Tucson has 286+ sunny days every year and jaw-dropping desert sunsets of pinks, oranges, and purples! It is also a clean city - Tucson has high rankings when it comes to clean air. It’s been placed on a list of the 5 Cities with the Best Air Quality in the U.S. and ranked #1 for cleanest metropolitan areas in the country for 24-hour particle pollution by the American Lung Association. 

Tucson also has tons of resorts and spas, championship golf courses, and an impressive food scene. For an art appreciator, the city has highly-esteemed museums and galleries featuring work by world-renowned artists. The Tucson Museum of Art and The University of Arizona Museum of Art are a great way to spend an afternoon. Browse famous works by Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko, or stop into the Center for Creative Photography and spend a while taking in photography works by greats such as Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, and Edward Weston. 

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a great place to check out as well, which is a combined zoo, museum, and botanical garden to help visitors learn all about Tucson’s indigenous animals and plants of the Sonoran Desert. Tucson Symphony Orchestra and the Arizona Opera offer classical music buffs a creative escape into music for an evening as well, with many great and well-known performances coming to Tucson’s theater and orchestra. Overall, Tucson is a great place to visit, and an even better place to call home.


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