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The Journey Church

Next Gen Pastor

Springfield, VA

The Journey



Denomination: Christian Church (Restoration Movement)

Weekly Attendance:  700

Location: Springfield, VA

The Role: Next-Gen Pastor

The Journey BuildingMeet The Journey Church:

The Journey Church is located in Northern Virginia (also known as NOVA), about 12 miles southwest of Washington, DC. The Journey has been a growing and healthy church for 50 years. The community that attends The Journey is young and diverse. Many work within corporations with ties to federal agencies or work directly with the federal government, while about 40% of our church is currently military. Like the area, the church is transient in nature with about 20% of those attending moving each year.

Even with so many people moving away, we see an average of about 20% growth year to year. In 2024, we are averaging 700 people on Sunday mornings, and due to our current growth and limited space, we recently moved to three worship services.

Our vision as a church is to see more and more people meet and know Jesus here in Northern Virginia. Over 80% of Fairfax County (containing 1.2 million people) do not follow Jesus. We are very involved in our community through the work we do with local schools, in conjunction with our local government officials and agencies, and other non-profits. In 2020, we started our own non-profit to open up other doors into our community to serve it as needed. 

We are a church working to mobilize the 99 to reach the 1 (Luke 15) by helping each person take their next steps towards Jesus, no matter where they may be in their spiritual life. For us, that means we focus on getting people to join us for our Sunday worship experiences, then getting them into life-changing relationships within groups and teams, and leading them to a life of surrendered living, all while inviting others to take these steps with them. 

About the Next Gen Pastor:

The Journey Next Gen Pastor will oversee Middle School (7th-8th grades), High School (9th-12th grades), college students, and young adults here at The Journey Church. They will work within The Journey’s coaching model to develop adult and student leaders with the oversight of volunteers to help students take their next steps toward Jesus. This role includes weekly gatherings, small groups, community service, and other activities and events.

This role is a full-time job, with an opportunity for the candidate to contribute to other ministry areas. We are interested in breaking down weekly hours into 30 hours working on students and young adults and then 10 hours a week in an area the candidate has skills or a passion for, such as media, graphics, social media, discipleship, outreach, etc. The ideal candidate will be a coachable leader who can grow this ministry by building a team of leaders to care for others while leading through the vision we have as a church.

Our Lead Pastor emphasizes leadership development through coaching leaders and ensuring that the staff models health for our church. Our goal is for our staff culture to be fun and team-oriented, caring not only for the work being done but also for the person doing the work.

Student Ministry 

Our current Student Ministry team leads have been leading our ministry on a very part-time basis for the last two years and will be moving to their next post in June. Even with part-time leaders in this role, this ministry has grown to its largest size in the life of this church under their leadership (over 70 students involved with this ministry). Through strong leadership, excellent volunteer leaders, and a focus on building relationships with students, our Student Ministry is thriving. With this growth and a healthy team in place, we know it is time to devote more resources to our students and our young adults.

Our students mostly attend four public high schools and four public middle schools within 5 miles of our building. We also have a group of students who are homeschooled and connected to co-ops in the area. Our college students attend George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College alongside those who show up when on breaks. Our young adults are in the local workforce, mostly working on the Hill or with local federal and state agencies, with a few in the military.

Thr Journey WorshipThe Next Gen Pastor's Responsibilities Include: 

  • Lead middle school and high school weekly gatherings.

  • Lead and support college-aged students and young adults.

  • Recruit and develop adult and student volunteers to lead ministry and disciple students.

  • Coordinate retreats, trips, groups, and special events for students and young adults.

The Journey Church Volunteer TeamWhat You Bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Next Gen Pastor:

Education & Experience

  • An undergraduate biblical degree from an accredited school is required 

  • Master/Seminary Degree Preferred

  • 3 years of experience in teen ministry, Preferred

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Able to connect with middle school and high school students, college-aged students, and young adults while knowledgeable in ministry best practices

  • Ability to develop systems to efficiently advance ministry and communication

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Social media skills that connect with students

  • Ability to create a compelling culture and environment that students are excited about and into which they are excited to invite their friends

  • Effective communication skills (oral and written)

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Mature, growing, follower of Jesus who understands and lives out the Gospel

  • Committed to spiritual integrity and authentic relationships

  • In agreement with our doctrine, mission, and values of The Journey

  • Teachable, responsive, respectful, and can adapt to a fast-paced organization

  • Passionate about working with teens.

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What it's Like to Live in Springfield, VA: 

Being located just 12 miles from Washington DC, Springfield offers a balance between urban activity and suburban tranquility. Uniquely located so close to the nation's capital allows for easy access to endless opportunities for employment, cultural enrichment, and entertainment.

Within a 2-hour drive, residents can escape to beaches and mountains for a relaxing getaway outdoors. New York City is just a 3-hour train ride away, opening up even more possibilities to explore.

Springfield boasts a vibrant culture with a diverse population from around the world. This diversity cultivates a rich tapestry of experiences and cuisines, making every day a learning experience for residents. The community is known for its go-getter attitude, reflected in the bustling activity and liveliness of the area. Springfield and its surrounding areas offer an abundance of restaurants, activities, museums, and educational opportunities for the community to enjoy. 

The area's schools are highly rated, providing families with opportunities to flourish. Furthermore, the job market is plentiful; many residents claim that Springfield seems recession-proof, creating a strong sense of stability.

In Springfield, VA, residents enjoy a high quality of life surrounded by opportunities for growth, adventure, and community engagement. From its unique location to its diverse culture and thriving economy, Springfield truly is a wonderful place to call home.

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